Our Old Home

Garage door entrance: move-in day
Garage door entrance: now

Laundry room / half-bath: move-in day
Laundry room / half-bath: now (Click here to see the whole transformation)
Kitchen, view 1: move-in day
Kitchen, view 1: now
Kitchen, view 2: move-in day
Kitchen, view 2: now
Kitchen, view 3: move-in day
Kitchen, view 3: now
Kitchen, view 4: move-in day
Kitchen, view 4: now

Family room, view 1: move-in day
Family room, view 1: now
Family room, view 2: move-in day
Family room, view 2: now
View from the loft: move-in day
View from the loft: now
Nursery: move-in day
Nursery: now (click here for the full tour of the nursery)
Guest room: move-in day
Guest room: now (still very much a hodge-podge)
Guest bathroom: move-in day
Guest bathroom: now
Master bedroom: move-in day
Master bedroom: now
Master bathroom: move-in day
Master bathroom: now

Whew. It’s been quite a productive year, and like I said before, there are still some fun projects on the horizon. In terms of the house, the next few challenges are going to be finishing the guest room, and the master suite (bedroom + bathroom). In terms of my life? I think having our little girl is going to keep us pretty busy. The year ahead is going to be filled with new experiences and learning new things, and I can’t wait to spend it in our home.

Thanks for keeping up with us for the last year! It’s been a wild ride.

7 thoughts on “Our Old Home

  1. I absolutely love your blog!! I keep the tab open on my computer and check it basically everyday. I did the string art project and loved it! Your blog definitely makes me laugh and I look forward to reading it. Im only 18 so know your blog reaches people of all ages πŸ™‚ thanks for taking the time out to write and update us readers on all yalls projects!


  2. I just pinned some…..ok well all of your projects lol
    Your photos and instructions are great!
    Love your blog!

  3. You are one of my new favorites!!! I love the realistic nature of your blog, mixing budget with design and realizing that everything doesn’t have to be brand new and look like it came out of a magazine!!!!

  4. I love the idea of re-use and recycle. Recently purchased new end tables for our living room and was trying to decide what to do with one of the ‘old’ end tables. Actually, it was from my grandparents home so it IS old! Decided it might work as a TV stand for the master bedroom. I didn’t have the heart to part with it, but I couldn’t figure out where it would work best until I came up with this idea. It’s part of a vintage maple set they had with turned legs, oblong/rectangular in shape with an attached maple magazine holder. Having moved it into the master bedroom now, it fits perfectly, the TV is at a great viewing height and the little magazine cubby substitutes for DVD’s and remotes which suites me fine as I’m a ocd on organization too. The previous table (a shaker style table that is quite high) and it’s matching sister (formerly in the kitchen to hold my canisters off the coutners)now in the living room flanking our entertainment center. I have to say your blog has inspired me and I love the way both the living room and the master bedroom look with this new change. Thanks for the blog and keep up the great work! I also loved the beveled mirror for your laundry/bathroom! Fantastic! Am looking for mirrored coasters/tiles to repeat this in my kitchen to help reflect more light. Kudo’s!

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