Hi! I’m married to this handsome lumberjack. We got married on 9-10-11 and a short month and a half later we moved into our first home. Although we will miss our apartment — it was the place where we finally ended the long-distance portion of our relationship — we LOVE working on our house-to-home transformation.

With our powers combined, I’m a creative director with an art school background and he’s a mechanical engineer with a knack for details, we hope to paint, build, and curate our dream home.

Our daughter, Rose, was born on February 10th, 2013, and our lives were forever changed. If you have a baby you know what I mean. If you don’t and are planning to have one? Let me just tell you: PLEASE SLEEP NOW. She’s beautiful and has shown me a kind of love I never knew existed. I’m pretty sure we’re going to keep her.


Another big part of our lives is our little fur-girl, Olive. She’s a rescued 7-year-old mutt who’s afraid of shadows, loves her green ball, knows what “W” “A” “L” “K” spells, and can howl on command. She’ll always be my first baby.

I’ve always been a dedicated DIY/Home/Creative blog reader and I don’t think there will ever be enough inspiration out there. So, to add to the clutter, here’s our blog.

Disclaimer: This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer. Theharpsterhome.wordpress.com will not be liable for any injuries, or damages. All information provided is for entertainment purposes only.

32 thoughts on “About

  1. I just spent forever reading your blog. I love it. Thanks for making me laugh. You guys remind me of my Kris and myself. Thanks for great ideas, too!!! ❤ Carrie

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog through craftgawker and I’m a huge fan, already!!! I’ve looked through a few of your tutorials and through your wedding story. Such a sweet story and special day. I just got married last year and I’m already enjoying that ‘housewife’ love of crafting and trying to be creative, even though not all my efforts turn up a good result. 🙂 I will certainly continue to follow and can’t wait to see new posts. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the creativity,

  3. ^^^what she said!! 😀 i just found your blog through the same site, and am in love with it already. i too just got married a few months back and we were in a long distance thing until then as well, so setting up home together has become a bit of an obsession! we’re doing we’re thing to make our apt. in NYC feel like home. Reading all your projects and stories remind me of younghouselove.com, your writing styles are really similar and you’re super creative and imaginative 🙂 great work, keep it up!
    *bookmarked* ;D
    Emily x

    • That is so sweet Emily, thank you so much for the kind words. It makes me so happy to hear that people can related to my stories. I appreciate it!

  4. I love your homeowner adventures. I have lived here long enough to remember when Morse Road was one way East and one way West and 270 was an idea.
    I’ve been in my little cottage home 20 yrs (where DOES the time go?) and I get a real kick out of my projects. I’m going to love following yours…..

  5. I absolutely adore your site! There was no contact information that I could find so I guess I will rock this question out here. I run a blog with my best friend about our house adventures (www.thetangway.com) and I was wondering if you would like to do an interview for our lovely little sliver of the inter-webs?? Please? Ill give you cookies!! 🙂

  6. You seriously crack me up! I come back daily in anticipation there will be something new added 🙂 I just sit here and laugh and everyone just stares at me. Keep up with the good work and BTW the house looks great!!!!!

  7. I just found your blog on a pin on Pinterest and I can’t stop reading! You are hilarious and very creative!! My boyfriend and I are long distance and I spend my weekends trying to keep busy doing different projects. Thanks for the inspiration! Can’t wait to read about your future endeavors!

  8. Hi,
    Is it weird that I wish we were friends and you could just come over and help me with all of these DIY things?? (I am not very um I guess the word is crafty) HA. I just found your blog today and your story reminds me of me. My husband and I just moved into our first home with our lovely dog and we are doing all kinds of things with our home as well. I will be checking back for more amazing ideas! I am already going to attempt a couple of them! Thank you for the ideas (and Ace Ventura sense of humor)!

  9. I stumbled across your blog from Pinteres (im addicted) and I am so pleased. I loved your wedding stuff, I loved your gallery wall, and the house pic you made for gramma ? or Aunt Shelly..? I just wanted to say thanks for lettin a lil ol stanger like me into your life and sharing your many DIY adventures. I will be back 😉 Tye

  10. I came across your blog on Pinterest! I saw the heart of Ohio post and loved it! I’m from Ohio myself (Dayton area) and fell in love. I made my own version for my brother for his birthday since he now lives in South Carolina and just bought his first home. It was quick and easy and I fell in love with your blog! Keeping so many ideas in mind for my wedding when that day comes and my future house! Thanks so much!

  11. I referenced your post on the fabric covered cornice to make my own this weekend (and it couldn’t have gone more smoothly!). Just wanted to thank you for your thoughtful step-by-step on that. Also, I just noticed your ‘heart of Ohio’ project. I live in Columbus…and work in an ad agency. Do you still live in the area? Small world!
    Thanks again!

  12. OMG! I found your blog from a post of your birdcage card holder on Pinterest. I let it lead me to your blog and I read about your wedding! I have been planning my wedding for about 7 months now and I’m doing everything myself except for setting up the tent. Your wedding is EXACTLY as I have imagined mine! We’re having corn-hole, a dessert table, a photo booth, and I’m decorating the tent with organza and Christmas lights! AHHHH I just want to say thank you so so so much! You are so right about there never being enough blogs out there for inspiration! I have been looking and looking and looking everywhere for something that looks EXACTLY how I want it, and today I found it. I feel like crying I’m so happy! (I’m a softy too! lol) And OH our first dance (we haven’t decided positively YET) but were thinking La Vie En Rose, Sous Le Ciel Du Paris, You’ve got me wrapped around your little finger, or Sunday kind of love.
    Also, I feel like if I ever met you we’d be best buds! Your love for dogs, your husband and your creative side all remind me of me, plus I was born and raised in Dayton so yeah!
    ANYWAY! Thank you so so so much! good luck with the baby and married life and the house, it’s looking beautiful!

    • OMG AND I JUST NOTICED YOU HAD EGGPLANT COLORS!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP! You are a gift from God! Sent to me to tell me that I’m NOT insane and that eggplant is a perfectly great color and photo booths with props aren’t stupid! and people can play corn-hole at weddings! Geeze!

    • It’s always nice to find inspiration out there that matches your own! Let me know if you have any specific questions that I can answer. I know how overwhelming it can be!

  13. Hi, this is totally random. I found your blog from pinterest (from someone not from Ohio) and it turns out that I went to high school with Steve. Your house is beautiful!!! Absolutely love your style. Congrats on the baby and your nursery is such an inspiration, gorgeous! Tell him Colleen Brennan says hi 🙂

  14. Wonderfully fun blog! Thank you so much for doing what you do. You are an inspiration to me. I found your blog via Pinterest. Love Pinterest! Keep on doing what your doing, its simply awesome.

  15. I just happened to google “harpster” (my last name) and stumbled upon this blog…You have a good looking family and should be proud. Thank you for allowing me to post on your blog. God Bless your family!!

  16. Love your blog and watching Rose growing in her first yr! also, congrats on your move to Ohio. I live in Columbus, OH so welcome to the cold. Looking forward to future blog inputs..lso, love pics of Olive. 🙂

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