Three Months of Chaos

Our little Mush Mush turned three months old last week. It’s hard for me to fathom she’s only been here for a little more than 12 weeks. It feels like she’s been a part of our lives forever and it’s hard to remember what life was like before her.


Well. That’s a small white lie. Sometimes I daydream of the days when I could sleep in, pee whenever I felt the urge, or drink however many glasses of wine I wanted without worrying about contaminating The Boob Milk.

The fleeting memories of the “easy days” all but vanish once Rose sees me walk into a room and her face lights up like the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.


Her colic seems to be improving; we are having more good days than bad. On the particularly bad nights I try to remember how much worse it was a few weeks ago, and I tell myself that it’s only going to get better. Maybe not next week or next month, but it will get easier. And if it doesn’t then we’ll most definitely all die a horribly slow and painful death by way of baby high-pitched vocals. Has anyone ever died via baby screams? It seems plausible. A WMD, if you will.


Her personality is beginning to surface, which is SO MUCH FUN, and I can already see traits from both of us forming.

Traits from Papa: Farting abilities, steadfast determination, superhero strength, and adorableness.

Traits from Mama: Always thinking about food, feline curiosity, and the inability to properly belch.

She is quite the sponge and always seems to be absorbing her surroundings. The way she studies particular objects captures my heart and makes me want to give her anything she wants. I hope she never loses that sense of discovery.


Obviously everyone thinks their baby is the brightest, most perfect specimen on the planet, and we’re no different. We think she’s pretty much the smartest baby who has ever lived. Past and present. No, not baby. PERSON. THE SMARTEST PERSON ORGANISM  IN THE WORLD UNIVERSE. She’ll probably cure cancer in a few years. Weeks, even.


I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day this weekend and WHOA. It was kind of incredible. We didn’t do anything special — we went for a nice, long walk at the park despite the chilly weather, picked up Jimmy John’s for a tasty and simple lunch, and then we spent the day just lounging around, reading magazines, and doing nothing in particular.


Just the feeling of getting to celebrate this new holiday was pretty intense — I think it really hit me this weekend: I’M A MOM. Newsflash. I know. Somehow between the poopy diapers, the tears, and the sleepless nights I forgot that I don’t just have a baby… I have a daughter. I have a little girl who is growing before my eyes. I can see her becoming this beautiful and incredible person and it blows my mind that we MADE her.


Man. I love the shit out of this little girl.


Who am I kidding? I love the shit out of them both.

6 thoughts on “Three Months of Chaos

  1. Once she is walking you will lament being able to pee sans audience! Or, so my friend once said to me. Happy belated Mother’s Day. Your family is so warm/fuzzy– you take the best photos.

  2. That first Mother’s Day is so special, but them each of them has their unique sense of charm. Our church invites all of the mom’s to stand up at the end of the service and the rest of the congregation applaud all that mom’s do everyday. For me, it was a special moment having wanted a child for ten years and finally, she came. It is so important to feel as you do about your little one, but not a feeling that will diminish through the years. I felt that way about mine 15 1/2 years ago, and the feeling just keeps getting stronger as time passes. Enjoy and savor each special time, they are all fleeting, leaving their footprint on your heart as time passes.

  3. Wow – she is so beautiful! What a great beginning for you and your family. It goes by so fast – my oldest is just graduating from college this Friday. You know that song – ” and I just turned around and he’s gone” I can’t remember the name of it – it’s been popping in my head a lot this year as both of my kids have gone through milestones into adulthood. (sniffle) It goes by that fast – best wishes to you and your family for all the wonderful moments ahead!

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