Party Central

Rose’s first birthday party went by in the blink of an eye. Remember when I said not to plan a party two weeks after moving into a new house? I meant it. Everything was perfect and we had so much fun and it was awesome for our friends to see the “before” of our home. But, yeah. Two weeks. In that time span we got all of our boxes unpacked (except for the basement, of course – we’re not that good), furniture arranged and rooms fully functioning (especially the kitchen), and decorations hung and food prepared.

But most importantly: I found my pants.

My mom was SO SO SO OMG SO helpful and made these beautiful and delicious cupcakes:


And she didn’t stop there. Chef Gigi also made a pasta salad, caprese skewers, and cowboy caviar! I managed to make a crockpot of pulled beef for sandwiches which completed the party spread. I thought everything turned out delicious – we certainly didn’t have much leftover to indicate otherwise! 

I didn’t get great detail shots of the food and decorations. That was a total fail on my part. I was so busy just trying to snap pics of all the people and ROSE – obviz – and I failed you, my trusted blog readers. My apologizes. If you come over I’ll give you a cookie.

Can you see the polka dot “confetti” tablecloth in behind the cupcakes? That thing took me FIVE HOURS to hand paint and I didn’t even get a damn picture of it. (I did that pre-move.)


I am in love with that tablecloth. Everything I made for the party is all stuff that I can reuse for future birthdays – which was totally done on purpose. I wasn’t about to spend hours making stuff to just throw it all away.

You can see a cloth-scrap banner below, hanging on the fireplace. It was SUPER easy to make. It took about 2 hours total and I promise you that no matter what craft-skill level you think you’re on, you can pull this one off.


All you have to do is cut thin strips of fabric (or use ribbons – I wish I would’ve done that) and tie them on a piece of yarn or string. Once they’re all tied on, trim them with scissors to give it that cascading look. It really is as simple as that.

Here’s a ridiculously easy decorating idea: (this is from my Instagram feed so the quality is terrible – sorry.) I printed out all of Rose’s monthly photos as 5x7s, and hung them on the wall in a grid with just some bubbles of masking tape.



I didn’t even measure it out. EYEBALL ALL THE WAY. Steve is shuttering.

Sorry Aunt Marci. This picture is too good not to share with the world.


I told you the food was good. Could she be enjoying it any more?

In the picture below you can see that I reused some of the lace doilies from our wedding. That was a really convenient extra touch that made the space much more festive.


Gigi and her little baby. I managed to capture this sweet moment among the chaos:



party_1(Photo Credit: My awesome cousin who I can always count on to take photos and email them to me frantically after I realize I didn’t take many 🙂

After our guests mingled and ate and chatted and drank it was time for CAKE SMASHING!


Except there wasn’t any cake smashing.

She gingerly poked at her cupcake with a candle. And then Steve fed her a few eager bites. And then it was over. I told her the lack of enthusiasm for cupcakes makes me wonder if we really are related.

The “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” banner was something else I wasn’t planning on doing – but when we were waiting for our moving date to approach and living with my parents, I had to keep my busy hands occupied. They’re pretty straight forward, but definitely time consuming. I cut the flag shape out of felt squares, folded over the top and sewed a pocket for the string, and glued on some hand-cut felt letters. That’s pretty much all there was to it! But, like I said, it definitely took me a good solid few hours to finish.


My favorite part of that entire day was the chocolate kisses that Rose was liberally handing out. We couldn’t get enough! She kisses with her mouth open. Big, wet, sloppy chocolate kisses.


We were VERY happy to have Cousin Caroline there to help out with unwrapping presents. It would’ve taken Rose until her second birthday to do it on her own. Watching the two of them shred into the presents was another one of my favorite moments from the party.

Rose is totally thinking, “Huh. So, that’s how you do it!”


Rose got a swim outfit – complete with swim cap, sunglasses, swim robe, and flip flops. We were all but rolling around the floor laughing. I mean. COME ON. Could this get any cuter??


Although Rose LOVED her new dollhouse from Grandma and Grandpa, her tent and big-girl chair from Gigi and Saba, her ball popper, and lawnmower, and piano, crayons, books, and all of the various adorable outfits and accessories….

The big hit was definitely this singing card from Aunt Molly. Go figure.


The birthday party was definitely a success. We LOVED having our family and friends there – and are especially grateful to the ones who drove 2 hours each way!

We were all pretty worn out the next day. Rose and Steve spent a good portion of the afternoon watching Sesame Street with their bellies hanging out.


Or at least, Rose’s belly was hanging out. Sesame Street was bookended with hours of playtime with all of her new toys!

If you have any questions about the DIYs feel free to leave them in the comments. I didn’t take pictures as I was creating them like I usually do. (This moving transition has totally thrown things outta whack.) But I hope to be back to my DIYing ways SOON.

I owe you guys a house tour and plans of what’s to come!

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