Gratuitous Dog & Baby Photos

They’re all over the internet and we all know it doesn’t get much cuter than a dog and a baby. Especially when it’s your dog and your baby. Do you guys realize that this is like an explosion of happiness for me?

AN EXPLOSION. Of all things happy.

I’ll just go ahead and smear the gooey remains from said explosion all over this post. You’re welcome.

04_rose_olive 06_rose_olive 03_rose_olive 01_rose_olive 05_rose_olive 02_rose_olive 07_rose_olive

Rose is starting to become more aware of Olive and it makes me want to squeal with delight. Steve never tires of holding Rose so she’s riding Olive like a horse, throwing the ball past Rose’s face so Olive chases it, or simply letting Rose get a fistful of doggy hair.

This girl is destined to be an animal lover like her mama.

7 thoughts on “Gratuitous Dog & Baby Photos

  1. So reminds me of my daughter, Colleen and our then puppy Rosie. Being a lab, Rosie was soft and gentle with the little toddler full of licks and fun. I have pix too, lapping up good baby kisses – and reminders to mom with sniffs at diaper level. Too sweet and cute for words and a tug at my heartstrings for my now 15 year old daughter. Enjoy this time it will pass all too quickly.

  2. Cute overload!!! I’ll e welcoming a baby girl in 4 months an I can’t wait o get pics like this with our black lab, Lucien! These pics totally made my day )

  3. They have got to be some of the C-U-T-E-S-T baby/dog pictures EVER!!! Thanks for sharing. Makes my heart melt.

  4. Oh my god that’s the cutest pics I’ve ever seen. Your dog looks like so confident and your baby so happy, that’s awesome really !
    Love your blog by the way. Take care xx

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