Glorious Weather

Being at home on maternity leave during the winter is a mixed bag. It’s partly awesome because, well, I get to be at home. It’s also partly soul-crushing because it’s winter and I’m trapped in my house. For someone who’s claustrophobic, winter + maternity leave = OH MY GOD GET ME OUT OF HERE.

The last few days have been hovering around the 70° mark and it makes me feel like my heart is going to explode out of my chest with happiness.

I’ve been wearing Rose in the Moby Wrap for walks to keep her warm, but it’s finally warm enough out (and she’s finally big enough) to be strapped into her stroller.



If I’m not too traumatized by this whole baby experience to actually have a second child, we need to try and time the baby-making for a spring birth. This whole baby-in-the-winter thing is for the birds.

Sunshine! And blooms! And warm weather! Things are looking up.



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