Olive & Clyde – GET EXCITED

(First thing’s first – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!! <3)

Preface: This post was written Saturday evening and posted this morning. I’m not an alcoholic – I swear. Although a bloody mary does sound delish. 

I’ve had a few beers. I’m not going to lie to you guys. I was thinking about the perfect way to announce my announcement (I blame the alcohol for that awkwardness) and I decided to just ramble and let my excitement speak for itself.

So, without further ado (I love that word) (also, I really love adding random thoughts via parentheses because it gives you guys a snapshot into the workings of my overactive brain) I’d like to introduce you to my newest baby, Olive & Clyde!


Way back in September, my business partner slash BFF slash evil-genius friend and I started talking about how we needed a creative outlet. We were feeling a bit down in the dumps about the balance of what we call HHB in our lives and our more creative sides, and we needed a new project.

We had so many one-liners in our bank of ideas that as we were talking about what to do next, starting a greeting card company seemed like the most obvious decision. Not only would we get to use our design and writing talents, but we could create something of our own, as well.

Our target audience is basically us. Which makes things pretty simple. If you’re friends with us or can relate to the following things, you’ll probably be a fan of our cards:

  1. You think the general public takes itself way, way too seriously.
  2. You want to throw up a little when you hear / find yourself using business phrases like “circle back” and “think outside the box.”
  3. You have a healthy love of all things cheese and/or cookies (and really just food in general)
  4. You are lucky enough to have people in your life who get you and love you
  5. You obviously appreciate the humor in flatulence (I’m going to be totally honest here – the first time I typed that word spell check was like “No idea wtf you’re trying to say”)
  6. Deep down you know that love is what makes this world go round. Shitty people suck.

Do any of those sound like something you can relate to? We hope our cards can bring a smile to your face and a big ole laugh to your belly.

Here are a few of our bestsellers, just to give you a taste:

For your most lovable divorcée:


The inside reads: “Sorry he turned out to be a dick. I always liked you better anyway.” Pretty straight forward. The bride’s face says it all, really.

For your BFF’s birthday: 


The inside reads: “Just another year that you have to keep all my secrets. Happy Birthday, sucker.” Which is pretty fitting if your friends are anything like mine. 

For your lover / significant other / best friend / partner-in-life:


The cover says it all. (Blank inside.) Also, stay tuned – this one is going to turn into an art print.

For anyone who enjoys a damn good piece of birthday cake: 


The inside lovingly reads: “CAKE! ALL THE TIME! IN MY MOUTH! NOM NOM NOM NOM. Happy Birthday.” I don’t really know how much more I could want to eat this card. 

For anyone that you love, who has maybe done something dumb, but you need to remind them that life goes on: (blank inside)


They’re snarky. They’re lovable. They’re just like YOU! We have a card for every weirdo in your life.

Do us a solid (yes, I just said that) and visit our site:

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 8.22.39 PM

Or better yet, our Etsy store:

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 8.22.17 PM

I’m not even going to beg you to buy a card. I mean, please do (:: wink ::), but all I am going to ask of my loyal readers is that you help us spread the word. Share us, like us, follow us, pet us, feel us up, and do whatever the other inappropriate social-media verbs tell you to do.

Haley and I are incredibly excited for this new adventure and I’m so happy that after 8 months of planning I can finally share our big news.


And duh. You didn’t think I was going to announce this huge launch and NOT give you guys a nifty coupon code to use, did you?

How does 15% OFF sound? I thought so.

For ONE WHOLE WEEK (starting today, May 20th, through Tuesday, May 27th) use the coupon code YOHARPSTERHOME to get 15% OFF.

Sigh. So, so happy. I hope you can feel the love.



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