Paint the Town White

You guys. I want to paint everything in my life white. I’m in this phase right now where I want everything clean and crisp. PAINT ALL THE THINGS WHITE!

I picked out a white paint color (Dover White by Sherwin Williams) for our trim and cabinets, but before committing 100% I wanted to give it a test run. I had this little kids table, which was a super cheap garage sale find, just BEGGING me for a nice white washing.


The — ahem — lovely colors didn’t quite match my decor. Even though nothing really matches right now. (Our To-Do list is like 20 miles long.)

I didn’t take pics of the painting process because it was tedious enough without having to stop and take pictures after every brush stroke. Have you ever painted furniture? It’s a pain in the ass.


Here’s an easy checklist to follow when painting furniture like this:

1. Sand. Sand so much you’re covered in sawdust and can’t feel your arms.
2. Don’t skimp – use plenty of primer. This baby took three coats of primer to get a good coat.
3. Thin and even coats of paint. Another three coats of paint, on top of the primer, to get nice and even coverage.
4. Don’t forget the finishing touch – use a clear water-based clear coat. Again, thin and even coats. I did two because that third one would’ve sent me over the edge.


To achieve the “dipped” look, once the paint was dry I taped off the legs and painted a few coats of gray (leftover wall paint from our old house). I did three coats and then stripped off the tape while the “dipped” paint was still wet.


It looks so much cuter now and no longer makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Also, I LOVE THE COLOR. It’s the perfect white – not too yellow not too blue. This color passed my test with flying colors (no pun intended). It completely blows my mind that there are so many options when it comes to white paint. There needs to be, like, 4.


Now, just imagine that paneling behind the table is also white, and that the carpet is beautiful, wide-planked wood flooring.


We have so much to do. That’s the laughter of a crazy person.

I have business-related news to announce soon. I will give you a hint: I’m launching a new business! Stay tuned for the details. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend! SPRING IS FINALLY HEEEEEEERE!



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