Welcome! House Tour – The Before

We love our house like WHOA. But after dropping a few pretty pennies on it we weren’t left with much for any renovations right away. The kitchen counters/sink/hardware have already been upgraded, which is a total bonus, but there are lots of things we want to do down the line.

Instead of whining through this whole post about how “this needs updated wah wah wah” I’ll just go ahead and give you a quick run down:

  1. Paint all the woodwork white. YES. All of it. Cabinets, trim, built-ins. (Except for the stairwell – I love the wood balusters and handrail)
  2. Remove all of the wallpaper.
  3. Replace ALL of the flooring. White carpet under tables? What? Mauve carpet – huh?
  4. Paint the walls – doy
  5. Eventually we’d like to knock out a wall and add a sliding glass door where Rose’s tent is, that steps out to a glorious patio.
  6. Fence in a portion of the yard for Olive, complete with doggy door.
  7. New office furniture, paint or replace the dining room furniture, and random furniture updates around the house.
  8. Finish the basement.

Without further ado, here’s our most favorite house ever!


Rose’s “house” was a fixture in this room for awhile. It’s since moved into the dining room, allowing this space to function as her own personal dining area, complete with mini table. It’s pretty cute, you guys. 


I love the view down the hallway. Basically the entire first floor makes me insanely happy. When I’m in the kitchen I can see Rose wherever she is, which is a total bonus. If you have a one year old you will understand.


I’ve already started stripping wallpaper! Updates to come.


This space is going to really open up once we blow that wall out. I have the mirror there just to let some more light in – this space can definitely feel a bit dark at times.


I obviously can’t wait for it to warm up so we can enjoy our screened-in porch like it was meant to be enjoyed. I can already taste the beer and feel the warm breeze.


Our fourth bedroom is downstairs, and will eventually be our guest room. Right now it’s multi-functional. And by “multi-functional” I mean “dumping ground.”


Most of my plants are hanging out in the hallway because of the ample light (skylights!), until I can find more permanent homes. Everything is sort of in a holding pattern until we have a better idea where everything will go. 


My mom gave us her old furniture from when she was a little girl. Both pieces will eventually end up in Rose’s room (one is currently living in the master), and I can’t wait to refinish them. How neat is it that Rose will have her Gigi’s old furniture from when SHE was the same age?? 


This was certainly not planned. Barf.


Whenever another baby comes along this room will be the nursery. Until then it’s just a very scary place, full of random odds and ends that haven’t found their final home yet. 


The master bathroom is straight-up weird. We’d like to eventually rearrange in here, but that’s waaaay down the line. We gotta pay for college first. 0_o


Because who doesn’t have a Little People dollhouse right outside of their bathroom? 


Olive followed me around the house, helping me take pictures. She pooped out along the way I found her basking in the sun at the bottom of the stairs. 


We’ve already made a few improvements that I can’t wait to share! Namely a very much needed fireplace door update, and one very cute paper mache animal addition. I’m unhealthily obsessed with him. 

I’m so excited for it to warm up so we can start painting (and leaving the windows open to air out the rooms). There is so much to be done and we can’t wait to get started! It’ll be a slow and steady timeline, but I am already looking forward to the results!


3 thoughts on “Welcome! House Tour – The Before

  1. I love your home, although I can see where the updates you’ll do will make it even better. I am in love with the mid century modern furniture. I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but I’ll throw it out there anyway; regarding the built in bookcases next to the fireplace, we had the same swag pieces across the top space between our kitchen cabinets over the sink. When we refinished the cabinets we removed the swag piece and it made a huge difference, all of a sudden we were in the year 2013 no longer 1986, so easy to have a big effect. Lastly, I have to know where you got the bathtub frog!
    Good luck as you proceed, I can’t wait to watch (oooo I sound so voyeuristic).

    • Thanks Beth! Yes – my husband is already figuring out how he wants to do it. I think we’ll end up going straight across, cutting off the “fangs” and leaving a straight line. That way they’ll be the same amount of trim on the top, as there is on the sides. I can’t WAIT to get rid of those scrolls! (The frog is from Buy Buy Baby.)

  2. Just found your blog and I’ve really enjoyed reading through your posts at 8:15am instead of studying for my finals. I love your sense of humor 🙂 And your house! Beautiful.

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