A Free Upgrade – BOOYAH

I’m going to start this post with some math.


The goal was to swap out our teeny tiny master bathroom mirrors for something more substantial. After Craigslisting the old ones for $70 and buying a new one for $60, I’m pretty sure we came out ahead. Let me crunch the numbers… carry the two… yes! According to my calculations we finished this upgrade with $10 in our wallet. (Hence the “BOOYAH.”)

The previous owners were either Leprechauns or I don’t know. Maybe we’re giants. We had to tip the mirrors all the way up to see our reflection and it made me dizzy.


I know they’re all fancy and I did really like them but the one tricky thing with mirrors is you should actually be able to, I don’t know, see yourself in them.

I know you’ll say “Why didn’t you just raise them?” because you’re a smarty-pants. And the answer I would give you is that wall is HUGE. And those teeny mirrors were not only too small for us, but they were too small for that humongo wall.


And now ask me why the previous homeowners put lights on the ceiling, BEHIND WHERE YOU STAND TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR. That, my friend, I do not have an answer for. That will be our next upgrade for this room: actual vanity lights instead of overhead track-lighting.

Here’s a better view of the mirrors before we took them down. They’re nice, though, right? Just too small. Womp womp.

02_mirror 03_mirror

If you’re ever looking for a way to instantly make a room look like a shoebox, remove the mirror.


I was downstairs wrangling The Kid while The Lumberjack was working his installation magic. I imagine he was like a cloud of tasmanian devil smoke, buzzing around measuring, screwing, and hammering.

He gave me the “ALL DONE COME LOOK” yell and I ran up to see my brand new bathroom. I’m not sure you guys realize how annoying it is to not be able to see yourself while trying to get ready in the morning.

I turned the corner and the bathroom already seemed lighter and brighter and 10x bigger.

05_mirror 06_mirror

I know some of you are going to be offended that we took down designer mirrors and replaced them with a builder-grade polished-edge mirror. Feel free to contact my publicist with all of your complaints. He handles all of that stuff. Also, my publicist is Kit Harrington and he may be too busy being sexy to deal with you.


The best thing about the large mirror is it reflects more light from the skylight above. It’s really incredible what a difference this has made.


Dopey picture, but it illustrates how I can look in the mirror and see the skylight, which I couldn’t do with the smaller mirrors and provides TONS more light.


But most importantly, the plants seem pretty happy about the change.


I didn’t know I could talk so much about a mirror switch-out. It has made me pretty happy, though. Life really is about the small things.


This is how I feel now:

My next obstacle is trying to cover up those lovely mauve and beige tiles. Have any of you had luck with those stick-n-peal vinyl tiles?

Happy Friday, party people! Do something fun. Maybe surprise your best friend with a glass bottle of wine and some chit chat. Whatever you do, have a great weekend!



6 thoughts on “A Free Upgrade – BOOYAH

    • I was coming here to ask about framing it – we have a giant mirror like that in our master bedroom and I was debating on doing some sort of frame around it – possibly even putting some shelves in the middle, kind of like this pin I found:

  1. Rustoleum makes a product that refinishes the tiles so if you like the shape/size of your current tile, but hate the color, you can use their kits to refinish them!!

  2. Glad your mirror switch-out turned out so well! I’ve had experience with the vinyl tiles. I didn’t install them myself (my contractor did it), but they were more of a pain than I thought they’d be after about a year. At a couple of spots, they started to pull up (and I kept having to use an adhesive to stick them back down). Also, it was kind of hard to clean in the grooves between the tiles. However…many guests commented on how they loved the bathroom floor and several thought the tiles were actually regular old ceramic until getting down to the floor to look. Trade-offs!

  3. Love it!! I just learned how crazy easy it is to tile a frame onto a mirror. I have a similar mirror that you have now and cannot wait to tile it up!!

    I posted a blog about it check it out 🙂

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