An Anyone-Can-Do-It Hanging Planter

There are lots of things I love about Rose. For example, her snot bubbles are pretty cool. The fact that she can’t be trusted around my plants is not so great. I have a lot of plants, you guys. I know you know this. I think my count is somewhere around 16. I’m fully aware that’s questionable behavior. Just wait until pot is legal in Ohio. I’ll have so many more! JUST KIDDING. Or am I? I am. Maybe.

All that to say I have a pretty serious need to get as many plants as I can off the ground and hanging from the ceiling. HA HA ROSE. You big sucker.


There are tutorials all over the internet for these but I figured why not add my own and include terrible photos? This happened at 9pm on Saturday night after I had woken up from a nap. As I was gathering my supplies I grumbled to Steve that I hadn’t even fallen asleep, but he said the snoring begged to differ.

STEP 1: Cut 8 strips of yarn (or if you have a heavier plant, don’t be an idiot, and use something stronger) and tie them into a knot, a few inches from the end.


STEP 2: Separate your yarn into four two-piece sections. Laying it out like this (below) helps to keep everything simple while you’re tying knots. 


This whole project is really just kinda like origami. Just take things one step at a time and it’s easy. Except you’re using yarn instead of paper and tying knots instead of folding anything. If you followed along with that stupid comparison then you’ll have no problem following the rest of this tutorial. 

STEP 3: Tie a knot into one of your two-piece sections, a few inches from the main knot.


STEP 4: Repeat that process for the remaining three sections.


STEP 5: Ok, you know how we have four two-piece sections? Pretend like you’re trying to introduce them to each other. Hook them up. Broaden their horizons, if you will. Hey Mr. String, meet your hot neighbor Miss String. BOOM. And tie those two together.


STEP 6: Continue your match-making all the way around.


STEP 7: Now we’re going to get really crazy and mix these strings up again. Use the same method you used in Step 5, tying two of the neighboring strings together.


STEP 8: Keep it going. One more trip around the block.


STEP 10: You’re done! Stand back and ponder the creepy way I related strings to being a matchmaker.


My planter is super lightweight (it’s thin plastic) and my plant is small, so this yarn should hold up just fine. Here’s a fancy shot from below.


Rose wanted to get in on the photography action by laying on the floor with me. (She was sick all weekend which is why she has her pal, Carl.)


I really love how the mustard yarn pulls out the warm tones in the wallpaper.


PSYCHE. I know it’s hard to sense sarcasm via the typed word, but come on. You know me better than that. That stuff is coming off, pronto. (Pronto = whenever I muster up the courage.)

In fact, imagine that photo above with no wallpaper, new wood floors, and white kitchen cabinets. I know it’s early, but try.

After I tied a secure knot for the plant to hang, all I did was wrap the excess around the knot a few times. I didn’t want to trim it in the off chance I ever want to lower the hanging height.


Not too hard, right?

I told you this project was do-able. Just do yourself a favor and stick to yarn hanging-planter projects and stay away from those mother effing yarn-wrapped letters. I hope you enjoyed my first Ohio-based craft. It’s good to be back!


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