A Day in the Life of Mush Mush

I have an anyone-can-do-it DIY Plant Hanger project coming to you this week. But, until then, enjoy this peak into a day in the life of Rose, Professional Eater.

Rose’s favorite food is spaghetti. I never pack it for daycare because I actually like the teachers at her school. Every time I load up her tray I think to myself “Maybe she won’t get that messy this time.” And 30 minutes later I think, “Self: You are a Grade A idiot.”


Her favorite styling product is any type of goopy food that’s impossible to get out.

After a delicious lunch and either a complete wipe down and/or bath, Rose settles in for a long winter’s nap. She holds up all of her stuffed animals for me to kiss, and then she gets the last one. Somehow she manages to end up under this enormous pile. 


The day is usually rounded out by one of her favorite activities: bird watching. Watching the bird feeder from the family room window captures her attention longer than any toy, surprisingly.


Whenever I tell her the Big Red Bird is back she comes running from whatever room she’s in and climbs onto the couch. I love that kid. Even more than she loves birds.

Stay tuned for the plant DIY I mentioned earlier! Also, I have begun the process of taking pictures for the house tour, so maybe that’ll come this week, too. If you’re getting hit with snow like we are, stay safe and warm! I really hope this is the last of it…


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