Four. You guys, I can only give you four pictures right now. I was going to be all “I’m keeping it real” which is fine, but we have a few party decorations already hanging (for Rose’s birthday!) and I wanted to do a different post about all of those.

Side Rant:
WTF Pinterest?! Have people always been going balls to the walls for first birthdays? They’re basically mini weddings. And my middle finger has something to say about that. If you blog about your enormously detailed and fabulous first birthday party and say things like “It was really laid back and simple.” and “I just whipped this together.” we’re probably not going to be friends. Just tell me you were up late for weeks and relying heavily on Xanax and Chardonnay cocktails. And if you weren’t, then, well. You’re better than me. Congratulations.

And while i’m ranting, can I just go ahead and advise you to probably not throw a party two weeks after moving? Prooooobably not the best idea. Probably something that will throw your OCD all outta whack. Where’s that Xanax and wine? Probably.

One of my favorite new house-related happy spaces is our hallway. With the door open (and storm door sealed tight… Brrrr) the sunlight pours in like a. I don’t know. I can’t do clever similes right now.


Below is the view from my office (the living room) into the family room. Zebra keeps a good watch. Those glass doors are AWESOME built-in baby gates. It’s so nice to maintain all of the front-of-the-house light when those doors are shut.


Here’s Olive hard at work in the office…


She has a really rough life, you guys. And Mom, don’t despair, I’ve added a few pillows to her bed so now you won’t think I’m abusing my dog by only providing her ONE super soft comforter. She must also have PILLOWS. (PS don’t think I didn’t notice that when you were here babysitting you re-fluffed her bedding.)

The family room is a lot smaller than it was in our old house, but I am totally smitten. It feels way more comfy and it’s a million times less awkward.


I realize this picture in no way illustrates my point. Use that vivid imagination of yours.

At what stage in child rearing do all of the couch cushions remain on the couch at all times?

I know these pictures are such a tease, but after the party I promise I’ll go around and do a “before” house tour. Until then, ONLY 45 DAYS UNTIL SPRING!

Seriously though, I hope you all are staying safe. This has been one doozy of a winter!


4 thoughts on “Four.

  1. I don’t have children so this probably doesn’t have any validity, but I think it’s absolutely INSANE to throw a wild soirée for a one-year-old. Do the people who do this really and truly think that they will remember it?
    And as for the cushions on the sofa, you’re probably safe unless you have a second child. Then you must be prepared for the “fort-building”stage. As I said, no kids. This is all based on my own memories. And I do not, I repeat do not, remember my first birthday party.
    Glad you’re back in C-bus.

  2. Oh you are funny. If I know you, Rose’s b-day will kick pinterest’s butt. Not because you spent hours working, but because you have a talent for design. Like you should do it for a living and stuff…

  3. Just to reassure you… I have 2 kids (5 and 7) and they didn’t get a party until they were 5 (ie: at school and old enough to have friends). I limited to 5 guests and just cake, games, facepainting (my husband is a dab hand at that!). When they were younger, we would have a cake and spend the day just the four of us. Kids don’t remember the decorations, the napkins but the laughs and visiting someonelse’s house!

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