This is a big deal, you guys. Do you know what Big Deal I’m talking about?

**** I started AND finished my first postpartum DIY! ****

My baby has pretty much sucked every ounce of energy from me the last three months.


But, that smile really makes it all worth it. Well, maybe not alllllll of it. Most of it. The better portion of it.

Definitely 90/10.

Ok, 80/20.

At least 75/25, and luckily she seems to be falling into some sort of napping pattern which allows me a few gloriously free moments here and there. And how else would I fill these moments? Aside from washing bottles, doing laundry, and vacuuming, why DIY PROJECTS of course!

So, maybe I should back up a bit. Last week my dad had a birthday. He celebrated 67 years of being AWESOME. I have the photos to prove it.


He really is the man who has everything, so gifting him something interesting is always a challenge. I figured he would probably, maybe, sorta be okay if I made Rose the focus of his gift. (You should know he’s obsessed with her. In a very adorably grandpa-ish sort of way.)

I stumbled upon a cool, chunky frame at Goodwill and the whole idea for his gift came into focus. Did you like that complicated 10 minute intro? Doesn’t this feel like an episode of Family Guy?

Without further ado, here’s how to spruce up a cheap Goodwill frame and turn it into something you’d actually want to hang on your wall:

Find a not-so-lovely frame. Cat paintings preferable.

For this particular project it would be beneficial to find a wood frame that’s in descent condition.


Mask off the areas you don’t want painted. (I usually use expensive painters tape but only had cheap masking tape on hand. Ironically it worked perfectly well.)


Next on the agenda is sanding and then priming your beautiful, new frame. For sanding I recommend using a rougher grit first, to get rid of any clear coat or polyurethane. After the rough stuff a finer grit paper should smooth things out nicely.


I laid my frame to dry on the deck and serendipitously framed a weed. ‘Twas meant to be.


These bastards are popping up from under our deck and they’re driving me nuts. Any tips on how to remove them without Hulk Smashing through the deck planks?

Olive is my trusted advisor. She was overseeing this project per usual, and was happy to see me back to my DIYing shenanigans.


Ok, so after your primer dries, go ahead and slap on some paint.


I used a sample of paint I had on hand that has already been used in so many random projects. Best $2.50 I ever spent. I also followed up this painting step with a layer of clear coat from a spray can.

After the paint dries, assemble your collage of photos. I ordered mine from a place that prints directly from Instagram. I won’t say the name of the company because I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the quality. (There are a million companies that print Instagram pics — if you find a good one let me know.)


I used a piece of black posterboard as the background for my photos, and just a dab of double-sided tape to get the pictures in place.

You COULD measure them out. I say you “could” because I didn’t. Don’t have a meltdown,  my dear lumberjack. You do your thang, I’ll do mine. And my thang just happens to be eye-balling.


Here she is, all put together:





There you have it!

Here’s a cost breakdown:
Frame: $5.99
Photos: $12/24 photos, so $4.50 for this project
Posterboard: $0.45
Supplies: FREE (We already had the paint, tape, sandpaper, and clear coat)

For a grand total of $10.94! Dad, you know you’re proud.

And that, my friends, is how you turn an incredibly drab cat painting into something you’d actually want to gift (or not, and hang it in your own house instead because you actually can’t part with it).

The end.



3 thoughts on “HIP HIP HOORAY

  1. Nice job!

    Pinterest says vinegar ftw(k). For the weed kill. Should be safe for puppies and babies when dry too. 🙂

  2. This was so much fun to read! Really cute project, and I loved the pictures 🙂 I just found your blog and I’m going to keep reading! Congratulations on your sweet baby!!!

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