Turtle or Tortoise, or Whatever

What I mean to say is that slow and steady wins the race, right? We’re ever-so-slowly starting to make some small home updates. I took a slew of pictures to share with you guys and I remembered how much I love photographing non-babies. Don’t get me wrong, taking pictures of Rose is like my number one hobby, but walking around the house with a camera with just the right light makes me feel squishy and marvelous.

Speaking of just the right light… our gallery wall lights up like a firecracker in the evenings. It’s probably terrible for our artwork, but good for the soul. And that’s what’s important.


We used to have these exact Mallard bookends when I was a kid. I longed for them, but alas my mom had given them away years ago. She found these in a Goodwill and knew it would be the easiest $4 she’d ever spend. Thanks Mom. 🙂

I’m in love with them. I have a thing for ducks. And for brass. So.


These roses were leftover from our open house last weekend at Steve’s parent’s house. They’re still alive and kicking and remind me how much I love having fresh flowers in the house.


New plant! (Crazy plant lady, here. Did you forget about me?) I managed to sneak this guy in without Steve being the wiser. He had no idea I added a new addition to our family until I casually brought it up one day. One important nugget of information he did notice? His golden skull was moved. He feels a little shafted by the brass ducks, but he’s licking his wounds and recovering.


We hung our sconces by the temple rubbing in the master bedroom over the weekend. It gives the room a nice romantic glow. But not for baby making. I’m so over making babies — don’t you go getting any ideas about another addition to this family. Except for plants. Plant babies are always welcome.

05_updates 06_updates

During our South Haven vacation last summer, we found these window panes at a vintage shop in the downtown area. I’ve been holding onto them, planning on hanging them in our bathroom. Well, it finally happened.


The plan: I want to paint a sort of abstract / gradient-rich watercolor of an ocean landscape to hang behind the glass. It’ll hopefully give the allusion that we’re living somewhere fabulous. Our little getaway.

As I was touring my own home, I realized I never showed you the cross-stitch that took TWO WEEKS because it included the then-secret name of our baby duckling.


Yes. Two weeks. Rose will be in college and will still have to hear about that one time when I developed early arthritis because it took me TWO WEEKS to cross-stitch her name. I also made the pattern myself. And then I ate that delicious chip off my shoulder.

I mentioned this mobile a few days ago, but never showed you Rose’s view. Can’t you see why she’s always so engaged?


The high-contrast geometric shapes are perfect for her level of vision, and the links make it the perfect distance from her face. And it was only twenty bucks. I wish more companies made simple, inexpensive, and engaging baby toys.

So those are the updates. Slow and steady, people. Think turtles.


4 thoughts on “Turtle or Tortoise, or Whatever

  1. I find it kind of funny that my comments are on two things you didn’t mention. 1. from one crazy plant lady to another, your orchid is beautiful. 2. I love the chandelier in the bathroom.

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