An Update: Two Months of Cuteness

And crying. (Her, not me. Usually.)

And lots of wine.

And actually, lots of smiles between the tears.


Whenever she’s not crying she’s smiling. Which makes me scratch my head because I’m never too sure what kind of mood she’s in. It can go from I’M THE HAPPIEST BABY EVER to I HATE EVERYTHING in a nanosecond.


It makes me think that if she didn’t have the gas / pain / indigestion that was causing her pain, she’d be smiling ALL THE TIME. At the very least that’s what I’m telling myself. Because when she screams my brain goes haywire, my wires cross, and suddenly I can smell sounds and hear colors.


She has the longest legs on this side of the Mississippi. They match her ridiculously lush eyelashes. Steve is already dreading that moment when the first boy knocks on our door. We don’t own a gun so I’m thinking he’ll just have to be intimidating with his hammer and power drill. He’ll threaten to build a coffee table or something.


Even though she looks like my mini-me, her personality is a lot like Steve’s: Gassy and happy! She also sleeps just like her papa…


Ok, ok. And like me. Steve and I are an attractive couple when we sleep. We are evolving into a race of mouth breathers. That’s my excuse.

She also has an appreciation for delicious beer, just like her dad:


Look at those chunky legs! I WANT TO EAT THEM!

Over the weekend we ventured on our first road trip back to Columbus so Rose could meet all of our friends and family. Aside from the EXPLOSIVE poop on our way into town, (Seriously. There was poop in her belly button.) our first road trip was a success!

We managed this photo of four generations, beginning in 1919:


It’s sorta mind blowing to think about how much the world has changed in almost 100 years. Grandma definitely isn’t tweeting pictures of her great-granddaughter. We Skyped once and I’m pretty sure it melted her mind.

Last but not least, I’m sharing this video. (Please excuse my baby talk and silly noises — you do what you gotta do to get a reaction from your baby. Even if it means coming off as a total wanker. I’m British now.)

I suggest watching with the sound on only so you can truly appreciate Olive’s complete and total confusion:

She’s a special dog. A special, special dog. Rose is finally starting to notice her when she goes in for a kiss, so that makes my heart explode with love. I can’t wait ’til those two are thick as thieves.

The last two months have been a total blur. I can’t believe how big she is already! Rose’s third month of life will include a trip back to Cleveland to meet Steve’s side of the family, the end of my maternity leave <insert shortness of breath here>, and hopefully a lot more smiles and a lot less tears!

And maybe I’ll return to home renovations? One can hope.


5 thoughts on “An Update: Two Months of Cuteness

  1. That picture of you, your Mom, your Grandma and Rose got me all choked up. You are so lucky to have that!! Beautiful, just beautiful- all of you!

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