The First of Many Adjustments

I am fully aware that our house isn’t baby proof. In fact, if I had given birth to a toddler — first of all OUCH — and second of all we’d have all kinds of child protective service cars over here.

I’m going to have to start figuring out how to make our house more kid-friendly. I know I have to eventually figure out what to do with all of the houseplants. I’ll need to make sure none of them are toxic, and the ones that are within reach are going to have to either be super glued or removed or else I’m going to have dirt all over the carpet and a toddler who’s extremely proud of herself.

Until that day comes — we still have, what? like a year? — I’ve started making small adjustments. A small, but necessary one, was simply switching the two end tables by the love seat to accommodate the GINORMOUS baby swing.



That big lamp looks a little strange on that small stool, but I didn’t want to move the light source. That would’ve thrown my mojo outta whack and I would’ve been even more off-kilter than I normally am. I realized that I love the large table by the green chair, so I’m probably going to get a glass round top for the ceramic stool, when things get switched back.

Another non-baby-related change was just simplifying things. I think my OCD is starting to slightly heighten because of all the baby supplies that are strewn around the room. I wanted less “stuff” out. I obviously can’t get rid of the baby junk, so I simplified the credenza and the fireplace mantel.

01_credenza 02_fireplace


I know, I got rid of the awesome twinkly lights on the mantel, but you know what? The little monster inside my head named Obsessive Compulsive Phil (yeah, I just named him. So what.) is quiet now. Removing all the extra decor was like giving O.C. Phil a shot of Jack and a little hammock. He’s just minding his own business now.

I know, I know. All you moms are laughing your little demonic laugh right now, armed with the knowledge that the toy situation is going to get 10x worse before it gets any better.

The secret (not-so-secret) plan is to make a wooden drawer that will slide under the credenza to corral toys. More on that later! It’s in the works. And by “works” I mean Steve and I have had a single discussion about it. We’re hoping to really get started on it soon.

I hope you people are enjoying Spring. Tie up those snow boots extra tight!


3 thoughts on “The First of Many Adjustments

  1. spring, ha. You had to throw that in there didn’t you….

    The problem with the toddler toys isn’t that there are more of them, they are just BIGGER (Rody for example?). Consider that when you are thinking about a drawer to stash toys. I would actually recommend you get the lumberjack to make you a toy box/chest that will blend into the beautiful decor of the room.

  2. That draw (or toybox!) is a fantastic idea. We’ve accomodated our house that way. Kids can play with toys in the living room during the day but in the evening it all gets tidied up really quickly and it’s grown up time! I hate houses where toys are sprawled everywhere…
    Also, we didn’t childproof our house but told our 2 kids (they are 4 and 6 now) what they could and couldn’t do/touch. I gave them a cupboard in the kitchen with all their plastic cups/spoonsplates to play to their heart content. It worked a treat, they never went anywhere near the other cupboards.

  3. I agree with everything the other moms have said. Toddler toys can actually be furniture sized pieces. My daughter had her little (ooops, end table size) oven set and a (gee, thanks gramma) matching refrigerator in our family room til she was six and ignored it. Then, one year she got a tent, yeah, I did say TENT the size of a pup tent that popped up but no instructions were included on how to ‘pop’ it down, so it occupied a corner of our generous family room for a year or so. I put outlet covers on all of the unused outlets, so little fingers wouldn’t explore. Ah, and don’t forget the high chair that occupied the kitchen for, lemme think, yeah about three years – thank heaven I thought ahead on that one and got one that kind of blended color-wise with the kitchen. We had a fairly large toy bucket/tub, but the only toys that were permanent residents were the ones she rarely played with. We did the little sing-song version of ‘clean up’ from Barney and Friends just before dinner time, but as soon as dad came home, they were strewn all over the family room floor again, as I put the ‘finishing touches’ on dinner. Children necessarily change our lives, but the bonus is the love that you feel for them overshadows the work, the occasional mess, the fingerprints on the walls, woodwork and cabinetry, The memory of her sleeping peacefully in her crib with the little beads of perspiration at her hairline with tousled curls of blond hair. or later, jumping playfully on our king-size bed in the morning as a toddler, the times she wrapped her arms around my neck with a ‘mommy, I love you REALLY BIG’ as a three year old, and so many other beautiful memories, all sweep away the mess, the work and the disorder. I’m an organizing nut, but I had to put away my OCD tendencies for several years to enjoy the spontaneity of her childhood. They are but a forerunner to the teen years, which is where we are now, my daughter is 15 with makeup, clothes and hair accessories that overflow her bathroom and spill down the hallway most days. Enjoy the little things of each stage of her childhood, they breeze through so quickly and then they are gone. It’s a major change, but the little bundle of joy you have will make all of the changes you make worth every sacrifice, every self-denial that much more sweet with the love and the memories they bring.

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