The Perfect Room

I’ve been following Emily Henderson’s blog for awhile now — her style is right up my alley and I sort of have a girl crush on her.

A few days ago she highlighted one of her recent projects and my jaw dropped. It dropped so hard I thought it was going disconnect from my face, fall through the earth, circle back around because of the pull of gravity, and then land right back on my face.

If you wanted to know my idea of a “perfect room”, well, here it is.

index-600x400 index-2-600x899


I encourage you to click through and check out her write up about the room and to see the rest of the pictures. She’s a genius. A decorating genius. And she’s adorable, so there’s that.

If anyone wants to buy me a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (yes, I capitalized it because it’s that important) I would be obliged. I think they’re only like $200. So, no biggie. I’ll send you my address.




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