Not as in, you know, a dirty diaper kind of dump… but more of a picture dump. These are from the last few weeks.

She loves her Wubbanub pacifier. It’s never more than a reach away. 3weeks_04

Olive loves the boppy and the baby. bestbuds

Our protective guard dog just doin’ her job.guard_dog

Our first walk! It’s been cold, but sunny, so I can’t complain.
The Moby Wrap has been a lifesaver. walk_01

Brown Eyed Girl.3weeks_01

Sleeping on Grandma. These two are inseparable. 3weeks_02

She loves the water. We’re hoping it continues!bathtime02

Her inconsolable screaming fits are all but forgotten once she smiles back at us.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! We’re cooking up a small house-related project right now. Once it comes to fruition I can’t wait to share it!


2 thoughts on “Dump

  1. There’s nothing sweeter than a baby! But a baby and a puppy is unstoppable! My daughter loved the water as an infant and at 15, still is a water baby!

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