I ♥ Saba

Rose’s smile melts my heart. When she starts smiling on purpose, instead of just when she farts, she’ll have the power to convince me to do anything. Her smile is a weapon of mass destruction. And now my little blog has been flagged by the government. Great.


I made this onesie to surprise my dad when he came last weekend — “Saba” means “Grandpa” in Hebrew. While I was photographing it to send to our family in Israel, I managed to capture one of her elusive smiles. YES, I WILL BUY YOU A CAR AND A DOLPHIN. WHATEVER YOU WANT.

We’re getting along just fine over here in our little nest. I can’t stop taking pictures of her and generally just fawning over every cooing noise that she makes. You guys, babies are pretty neat.


5 thoughts on “I ♥ Saba

  1. She’s precious! Congratulations to your family! Enjoy every minute (including every spit-up, every diaper change, every long night holding your crying baby)…because they really do whoosh by in a blur. I blinked and my baby girl turned 18 this past January, graduates in June, starts college in the Fall. Thank goodness for my soon to be 14 yr old son and my soon to be 4 yr old fur-baby (American Bulldog “Kai”) still at home, or I’d be taking her imminent departure much, much harder. God Bless!

  2. LOVE the photos – I’ve been stalking your social networks and now I’m analyzing her face to see who she looks most like. She’s so cute. Congratulations 🙂

  3. We rarely see babies over here, so I just had a whole office of soldiers ooing and ahhing over your babies darling smile. Please dont stop sharing them!

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