Presenting: Littlebit Handmade

It’s fitting that I would follow-up Marci’s guest post with a post all about her new shop on Etsy!


Being the proud friend that I am, I find it necessary to pimp her out in any way that I can. Go forth and purchase adorable baby hats, my friends!

I mean, seriously. Look how stinkin’ cute her work is:



And her hat shop wouldn’t be complete without her very own hat model: her daughter, Caroline.


ohmygod I want to squeeze her through my computer screen. Sometimes I tell Marci that I want to eat Caroline for lunch. Is that weird? I just want to NOM NOM NOM.

I have been informed that I should be expecting a package from Littlebit Handmade and I seriously can not wait to get my grubby little hands on it. I’ve already promised to rent out our daughter’s dome for modeling purposes, if she ever decides to make her grand entrance.

Keep checking back with the Etsy store — her inventory is slowly building (she’s a full-time working mama, so she only has so many hours in a day). I do believe she’ll also be adding some headbands into the mix, as well.

If the quality of these hats are anything like the baby blanket she made us, that I’m currently stroking, you kid’s noggin will be in for a real treat.


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