The Ottoman Empire

Ha! I bet you thought there for a second that I was going to school you on a history lesson. No, my friends. That will never happen. The only things I will ever school you on are vodka shots and Photoshop key commands.

According to my friend Wikipedia, the Ottoman Empire had absolutely nothing to do with Ottomans. I would at least hope that those Turkish fellas had a comfy place to rest their feet after a long day of conquest.

This post is more accurately about our new ottoman. The one we purchased back in November that I never had a chance to talk about.

Let’s rewind, and I’ll show you a few pictures of the family room pre-Ottoman empire:



If you remember correctly, Steve built that beauty of a coffee table for his apartment, back before we lived together. (If you click the picture below you can see how he whipped that puppy up.)


The coffee table is gorgeous, and we love it… you’re sensing a “but” aren’t you? Well, you’re right. BUT, we like to kick our feet up and shockingly oak isn’t the most comfortable. Also, whenever our little girl starts crawling and pulling herself up, the corners on that bad boy are sharp.

For those various reasons we decided to put the coffee table up in the loft, and purchase a soft and cushy leather ottoman.


This beast takes up a lot more room, which is perfect because our family room is almost awkwardly large. (I know there’s a joke in there, somewhere.)


I wanted leather vs. fabric because of the wipe-factor. If we spill anything it’s just a quick wipe with a damp cloth and the mess is gone. It’s basically like a soft coffee table. But it’s firm enough to set a glass of water on, which is awesome.


I am currently sitting on the couch typing this, while my 39-week pregnant feet are resting on that supple brown leather. I’m always trying to use the word “supple” but it never comes out sounding right. It should probably be reserved for romance novels.


I should also mention the total bonus of storage space — I have tons of blankets crammed in there.

I’d like to eventually make a tray for it, but that’s somewhere in the distant future — after the baby and possibly after the baby goes to college. We’ll see how we’re feeling.


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