I’m Lookin’ at You, Guest Room

That’s right. You heard me, you jerk. It’s time to tackle you and your unfinishedness.

(Side note about the word “jerk”: Steve thinks it’s the least insulting adjective you could call someone, to the point where it’s comedic. So, I’ve been finding myself using it — if only to annoy him.)

Our guest room has been a hodge-podge of leftover furniture since we moved in. Which is fine — it really doesn’t look all that terrible. The style just doesn’t fit into the rest of our home.


It’s pretty “meh.”

I decided to throw together a mood board to capture my intentions for this room. One of three things are going to happen: A) The baby is going to come and I’m going to be all LOL GUEST ROOM? Or B) Steve’s going to be all “you want to spend how much money?” or C) I’m going to verrry slowly start to make progress in this room, and I’ll have an “after” shot sometime this summer.

Actually, I lied. All three of those things are going to happen. The baby is most certainly going to come within the next week or two, Steve is definitely going to eye roll when I show him that new $160 comforter I want, and I am 100% not going to finish this room anytime soon.

BUT! Guess what? WHO. CARES.

Here is my mood board for the guest room and adjoining bathroom:


1. Owl Lamp from Target, $41.99 (We already have lamps in this room — I’m just lukewarm about them — so the owl lamps are really just a wish-list item.)

2. Pillow’s are from Joss & Main awhile back. Currently they’re on our couches, but neither of us like the shiny, slippery material they’re made from. I’d be happy to retire them to the guest room.

3. The headboard is something we already have, but I’d just have to get some new fabric and recover it. That’s the beauty of upholstering your own headboard. Bored? Just slap on some new fabric!

4. Shower Curtains — These were my first big sewing project, so these are already done and done. I actually used these as the inspiration for everything on the mood board. Since the guest bathroom is a Jack and Jill, I want the two rooms to feel cohesive.

5. Nate Berkus Signature Towel Collection, $7.99, Curry. Because who wouldn’t want to dry their hands with a towel named after an Indian spice?

6. This is a print by Charley Harper called Gregarious Grosbeaks. I’m thinking I might be a total bastard and reproduce this work on my own. I’m sure that’s what every esteemed artist hopes for, right? That some amateur will rip off their work and hang it in their guest room.

7. Nightstands – This image is representational of the actual nightstands that we have in there. We bought these guys at a garage sale for 5 bucks and then immediately regretted it. After painting them turquoise they’re tolerable, and I’m determined to make them work somewhere in our house.

8. Kaleidoscope Patchwork Quilt, $160. I’m obsessed. There, I said it. I’ve been eying this for about two years now — it’s a miracle that Urban Outfitters still has it. I wasn’t sure where it would fit in with our home, and then it finally hit me that it ties everything together in the guest room. The turquoise nightstands, the black and white shower curtains, and that delectable mustard color that is my favorite… IT’S PERFECT. I WANT IT NOWWWW.

9. Brilliance Roundabout Trellis Lemon Curry Rug, $209. I love how this rug will kinda blend into the faux-wood floors, but still make things soft and cushy. Also, it’s mustard color so that’s a no brainer. I love it.

So, that’s a measly $469 to completely overhaul the guest room. Oh yeah, and I suppose we’d have to paint the walls, too, which would add some dolla dolla bills to that total. And whatever fabric I picked out for the headboard. I still don’t think that’s too shabby for an entire room makeover.

And don’t you worry about that chevron rug that’s currently in place. That sucker is very-much-loved and will be moved up to the loft to sort of anchor whatever semblance of a guest room space / office we have going on up there.

What do you think? Totally do-able, right? Right. Now I just need to convince my husband we need that new comforter when we already have 3 floating around the house. I mean ZERO! Babe, we have zero extra comforters.


1 thought on “I’m Lookin’ at You, Guest Room

  1. That’s going to come out great! I actually like the nightstands too. We literally have ONE comforter. We have to wash and be able to use it the same day because it’s the only one we have. Womp womp. =]

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