Barkbox – Woof!

Yes, this is a sponsored post (I would never post sponsored content without telling you guys first), BUT it is a sponsored post by a company that is run by a bunch of awesome,  dog-loving people.

Have you ever heard of Barkbox? Well, they’re a totally spunky group of creative people who run a subscription-based dog product company out of New York City.



Oh, and I should mention that 10% of all proceeds go to a local shelter or rescue. So, basically it’s a win-win. Your pup gets pampered, and you’re also helping out another not-so-lucky pooch.

We ordered our first box, and it went a little something like this: (Note, this is from November –eek! I know, I’m behind.)


Olive, inspecting The Box. She’s thinking “I detect something delicious.”



After exposing all of the goodies, Olive went straight for the bone-on-a-rope.


Then immediately absconded to a secret location.


Yes, Christmas lights. I know – I’ve been meaning to write this post forever. Don’t worry, our tree is long gone. I’m one of those freaks that immediately tears down Christmas decore as the sun sets on December 25th.

Here is Olive’s veritable ransom, sans bone-on-a-rope.


It’s so fun to not know exactly what we’re going to get each month! The December Barkbox came with a squeaky reindeer toy that Olive has practically made love to every day since. She’s obsessed.

I made her come back for a bone-on-a-rope photoshoot. She was really thrilled about it.


Do you want your very own Barkbox? If you use this link you’ll get $5 off your very first box! If you do sign up, I’d love to see pictures of your pup with his or her goodies. Enjoy!

(Check out Barkbox on Facebook — there’s a picture of Olive in there somewhere.)


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