The Hanukkah Bush Post

I should probably post a few pictures of our Christmas tree / Hanukkah bush, before, you know, the holiday is over.


I opted for a simple tree this year. Lots of golds and silvers and whites and reds. And that’s pretty much it. I wanted it to have a vintage feel to it, and I think omitting some of the more modern ornaments really helped with that.

Oh, and you can never have too many icicles. They are the cinnamon on my toast.


I looked everywhere for a faux-fur white tree skirt. Do you guys have any idea how expensive those things are? West Elm sells one for around $70. YES. I JUST SAID SEVENTY DOLLARS. For a tree skirt.

I went to JoAnn fabric and got this white furry piece of fabric for $7, and then cut it in a big circle. Take that West Elm.


It’s not quite as fuzzy and thick as the West Elm skirt, but I think it does the trick. And it saved me about $63. Now I can spend that money on much more practical things, like adorable baby items that I don’t seem to have the power to stop buying. (I can’t stop buying pacifiers  They’re so cute! Why are they so cute? I have no idea. I even bought one with a little stuffed animal giraffe attached to it. It kills me.)


So, I know my religion seems a little confusing for people who don’t know me that well. Let me break it down for you: I was raised by my parents, which consisted of one Jewish father and one questionable mother who converted to Judaism so my dad’s mom didn’t have a heart attack. My mom was raised Christian (in a very religiously-lax household), so growing up we sort of just celebrated everything. The Jewish holidays were very important to my dad, and the Christian holidays were just all about twinkly lights, sparkly wrapping paper, Santa, delicious food, family and friends, and a house full of love.

Oh, and glitter. If you know my mom you probably know one thing about her: she glitters the shit out of everything. It looks like a stripper spends the night in their family room during the holidays.


I learned about all kinds of different religions at a very young age. I learned that your religion was determined by where you were born, and who’s family you were born into. I’m grateful that my parents let me explore religion–I will always have so much love and respect for them for just that simple freedom.

So, mom and dad, thank you for the Hanukkah bush and Christmas tree. You guys kind of rock. You AND your glitter. Merry Christmukkah.


Whatever you believe and whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you get to spend it with a heart full of love. From the Harpster Home to your home, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I’ll see you suckers next year. xoxo


4 thoughts on “The Hanukkah Bush Post

  1. And to you and the Lumberjack. We’re on the road west from C-bus, having lunch in “your neck of the woods” aiming for Chicago then Iowa. Yup, driving into the storm, oh my.

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