Dumb Phone Rant

Hello, my name is Moriya, and I have a dumb phone.

Before you start in on the “yo phone is so dumb, that…” let me beat you to the punch: my phone is so dumb that it can hardly send picture messages. Yes, I am fully aware. Steve and I have always been all “We don’t need a smart phone.” And, in reality, we don’t need one. We need water, food, shelter, cinnamon toast, and back rubs. But let me just go ahead and say it: I WANT ONE.

It’s time.

We drove around for an hour on Saturday night trying to find a particular restaurant to buy a gift card. We thought we knew where it was. Turns out, we did not. My full bladder and absolute lack of patience sent us home empty-handed. That whole situation could’ve been avoided with a smart phone.

I think I’ll eventually get one when the baby comes, but let’s all just go ahead and force me to admit the real reason for wanting a better phone. You all know it. Just say it. I WANT TO TAKE PICTURES AND SEND THEM TO EVERYONE I KNOW. Friends, family, prepare thy selves. Ye have been warned.

In the meantime, since life is spinning out of control and I’ve had zero time to write a proper blog post, I thought I’d share some crappy phone pics that were taken on my dumb phone. No, these are not scenes from a new Paranormal Activity movie. I ran a vintage filter on them to make them slightly less offensive. I may have just made things worse.

Our life, lately:

This will obviously get an entire post dedicated to it, because it is probably one of Steve’s proudest projects. He finished refinishing the dresser for the nursery!


Just consider that a sneak peek. It turned out amazing, and I was absolutely speechless when I saw it finished. My lumberjack is good, you guys. He is really good. And handsome, which really helps with projects like these.

The current state of our nursery:


The baby shower was obviously very good to us––this room became our baby product dumping ground. Last weekend I managed to get a lot of this put away, but without a dresser in there I was lacking storage. I’m anxious to get this room put back together.

Steve, please don’t kill me for this one. The internet needs to know how proud I am of you. Internet, meet Steve The Baby Wearer:


We were getting out all of our baby gear and gadgets and making sure we knew how to use everything. Baby gear is confusing! I don’t know how stupid people have kids, but that’s an entirely different topic. I couldn’t resist snapping this picture. I look at it every few hours because 1: I’m obsessed, and 2: HE’S GOING TO WEAR OUR BABY.

This next one is from last night. Olive was minding her own business, trying to go to bed. Steve had bigger and better plans. He loves crawling into her bed and then watching her struggle to get comfortable.


I can only imagine she’s thinking, “Dad. Yes, I see that funny meme. Can you please get out of my bed now?”

So, that’s it. That’s our life right now. Trying to get organized, preparing for Christmas vacation, spending lots of time snuggling and relaxing, and going to baby classes (our last one is this Thursday). I promise to return to my regularly scheduled blogging posting one of these days.

Hugs and kisses to you all — hold all your babies a little closer today. xoxo




2 thoughts on “Dumb Phone Rant

  1. Heck , I had a phone so dumb all you could do was TALK on it! But in keeping with my “gadget gal” tendencies I have a very smart phone and I must say it is wonderful. The GPS feature is so fab you’ll never be lost again ( or at least you’ll know how to get un-lost).
    Just be thankful you don’t have to chase your new little one with a camcorder ( weighing more than baby) lashed to your shoulder!!!

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