Showered with love

I was lucky enough to be the guest-of-honor at my baby shower, hosted by one of my best friends, two weeks ago. It was at my mom’s house, in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, and it was so full of warm and fuzzies that puppies and kittens all across the internet felt a shift.

This baby inside my belly is so loved, you guys. There were a total of 12 guests, my closest of close friends and family, and all 12 of these ladies filled my heart up so full of love that I nearly welled up with tears every time I looked around the room.

And speaking of room, look at how pretty!


My mom knocked out these decorations like a pro. I love balloons, so I was happy. They’re just so festive! And see that little bassinet on the fireplace? Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


There is so much sentimental value wrapped up into this little pink bundle that I actually did cry when I saw it. First of all, it’s a bassinet from my childhood that my mom found in her basement. She filled it will goodies from my registry, made a beautiful skirt for it, and also managed to track down a replica of my childhood stuffed animal (that I still have) from ebay. As soon as I saw Mutsy the tears started flowing. My little girl is going to have the same stuffed animal that I dragged around with me for 20+ years. This woman is good.

Even my dad got in on the action–he was in charge of the paint job for the train. Doesn’t this just ooze with cuteness? These little stuffed animals are now living on our book ledges. I’m kind of obsessed with them. Good job, Pops.


Here’s the table all filled up with the delicious and 100% homemade feast. Marci and my mom worked their little tails off on this party, and our bellies were so grateful!


Of course mom had to make my ALL TIME favorite cookies: peanut-butter blossoms and lemon sugar cookies. Please note the insanely cute shape of the lemon cookies… BABY FEET!

The Lorax Cake, dubbed as such by Marci, was as delicious as it was adorable. That girl needs to open a bakery, pronto. And there’s a surprise inside! You will just have to wait and see… and no scrolling down, you cheaters!

She also totally rocked out the awesomest, most non-tacky baby shower activities EVER. I know she’s not the type of hostess that would make us all play super lame baby games involving chocolate that looks like poop in a diaper, but I had no idea what she had up her sleeves.


Turns out, she had a stockpile of white onesies up there. And stencils! And paint! And adorable fabric in the shapes of fun animals! If you can’t see where I’m going with this… let me help ya out: ONESIE DECORATING! It was the perfect activity. Everyone could leisurely make their way back here, spend as little or as much time as they wanted to, and decorate their little hearts out. I was left with some seriously memorable and hilarious outfits for my little girl. I’ll definitely have to share those with you guys.

Sigh. So cute.

The other activity that she set up was perfect in its simplicity, and definitely had me sobbing after everyone left.


The cards were titled “Wishes for Baby Harpster” and had fill-in-the-blank style phrases on them. Things like “I hope that you: ______” or “I hope you love: _______.” Because my friends and fam are a combination of hysterical and sentimental, I went from deep belly laughs to heaving sobs as I read these. If you guys are reading this, you got me good. Real good.

Steve and I managed to snap a picture together before all of the lovely ladies arrived. It’s our first official family portrait!


Steve promptly got the boot after this picture was taken. Love you, darlin’.

The ladies started arriving and the party officially started!



See that gorgeous gal in the black blazer jacket above? Her boyfriend proposed this past weekend! Steve and I are so excited for them. I got the text while we were eating dinner Sunday night and I may or may not have spontaneously exploded with a few tears. Congrats Cheryl/Ange/Angela/Angela #1 and Jason!

My mom is going to kill me for the next one.


BUT I DON’T CARE, MOM. I love this picture of her. Completely candid and full of happiness. And wine.

Marci gave me the honor of cutting the cake, and I was very excited to see what was on the inside.


Ta Da! PINK! Three beautiful layers of different shades of pink. It was absolutely gorgeous, and a huge hit. Good work, Marci. If she were here she would say something like “Oh it wasn’t that big of a deal, layers are easy, blah blah blah.”. Well, blah blah to you, lady. We were impressed.


After eating, laughing, chatting, and onesie decorating, it was time to open my gifts. We got so many of the totally necessary and wonderful items on our registry–which was SO. AWESOME. Let me tell you. I never thought I’d be so excited to unwrap a diaper pail and a car seat base. Adulthood has officially begun, people.

A few of the fun non-registry items were homemade, and huge hits. My mother-in-law surprised me with a stack of hand-made burp cloths. The fabrics she picked out were too cute, and they were so perfectly stitched. She seriously needs to sell those things on Etsy. I’m going to look so stylish while burping my little girl!


Another huge success was this blanket that Marci crocheted for me the baby. You can tell by the look on my face that I’m in awe/about to cry, and Marci is looking at it like she doesn’t want to let it go.


I am pretty much obsessed with this blanket. It’s supposed to be for the baby, but it is currently living on the back of the sofa. It’s just too pretty to keep in the nursery! I want to see it every morning. “GOOD MORNING, BLANKET! Well, I love you, too!” Marci is going to write a guest post about it one of these days. (HA HA now you have to, lady. I just called you out.)

Olive was exhausted by all of the commotion, but she tried her hardest to stay alert.


I love this next picture. I have no idea what was so funny, but I have seen that look on Marci’s face many times. It’s her look of mischief. We were probably in the middle of laughing at some raunchy joke.


I was off taking one of my many pee breaks, so the girls decided to take that opportunity to get Olive involved in the party decorating. Aunt Molly is Olive’s idol, so she pretty much lets her do whatever she wants.


I wish I would’ve remembered to take some group photos while the family was still there. I’m great at remembering to snap candids, but I’m terrible at remembering to hand someone a camera and say PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE.

Luckily, before my girlfriends left, we managed to get a picture of all of us. I love these girls so much it makes my heart explode. Not literally. But damn, they are all going to be the best Aunts to our little girl. She is already so lucky to have these ladies in her life, and so am I.


This baby shower was a day that I’m going to remember for the rest of my life. It was so special to me, and to have all of my close family and friends together really meant the world. I had been looking forward to it for so long, and I can’t believe it’s actually over!

A huge thank you to Marci and my mom — you guys worked so hard, and I appreciate every single crochet stitch, cucumber slice, sugar sprinkle, and ribbon curl.

Thanks for sitting through that long and mushy post. It makes me all emotional to tell stories like this one. If my apple doesn’t fall far from her tree, she’s going to be one sappy little girl. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Showered with love

  1. Aw! That looks like it was so much fun! The best parties are the ones where everyone special to you is there! What an exciting thing to be celebrating too! The decorations looked great and whoever took all of your photos did a great job!

  2. AWW you are such a sap! I love you and can’t wait to meet that baby girl. I was laughing and tearing up through the whole post! I love that I got a good shot of your Mom. I think she was saying “DON’T” as I snapped it.

  3. I absolutely love this! Marci and your mom did such a fabulous job, and I absolutely loved being part of your (and the baby’s) day … and as always, I loved reading your post! Somehow, you make me laugh and cry at the same time. 🙂

  4. I have always said that the minute I walk into your parents’ home, I feel surrounded by love. And NOW YOU have the pictures proving my point!! Beautiful!!

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