The One and Only Mama

Do you guys know what today is? It’s only the birthday of one of the most incredible women that’s ever lived on the face of the earth: my mom.

I could bore you with every example of how wonderful of a mother she’s been over the last 30 years, but I’ll just simply say that I am so lucky to have her as a role model and as a best friend. She brightens the lives of everyone she knows.

Happy Birthday, mom! I can’t wait to watch you become a grandmother–I know you and dad are going to spoil her rotten, but I also know how lucky she is to have you both. I love you!


mom2 mom3 mom4 mom5


2 thoughts on “The One and Only Mama

  1. Your mom told me last night how wonderful your post was. Ummm, Moriya, you made ME cry!! So I know how it affected her!! The pictures you chose are perfect. She has, as you know, been a special friend to me for going on 40 years, and all you say is so true.

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