I’m Here.

I didn’t go into early labor, nor did I vanish from the face of the Earth. Between traveling on the weekends, The Most Awesome Baby Shower Ever, and work totally kicking my butt last week, I’ve been crashing out at the end of every day. End of story.

I realize how lame that sounds, so instead of leaving you with that excuse for lack of posts, here is another one you can choose from:

A man knocked on my door one day and asked if I wanted to see his pet lizard. I thought he was for sure going to open his robe and do a little dance, but as it turns out he really did have a pet lizard. Who was magical. The lizard told me to hop on, and he would take me for a ride around the universe. Who could resist that? So I jumped aboard and he flew me all around the galaxy. I got to see all of our planets (including Pluto, damn it) and so many stars. It took about a week. And then he dropped me off at my front door, yesterday.

No matter which story you choose to believe, I am back and I actually do have a few fun things to share! We put up our Hanukkah bush and Olive even got a surprise in the mail. So, after I get rested up from my big adventure I will be posting some new pictures!

And yes, I know that story makes me sound high as a kite. I promise you it’s just the lack of sleep. Have a happy Monday and check back later this week for some sort of update. I think I can safely promise at least one new post. Yes, I promise!

And to make this post a least a little relevant–Happy Birthday to all of my Sagittarius loves! Happy Birthday, Kel (3rd)! Happy Birthday, Chery (4th)l! Happy Birthday, Mom (6th)! And Happy Birthday, Angela (15th)!


3 thoughts on “I’m Here.

  1. No apologies needed. You work full time, and come home pooped. Probably why my blog has languished since 2010. Just happy that you & baby ( lumberjack too ) are fine.
    Now go put those feet up!
    Nurse Ratchet

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