Octopus-Baby Madness

That hyphen indicates that I’m describing my baby as an octopus. Which would be correct. And if you didn’t know me that would probably be really weird.

I love octopuses. I always have and I always will. I liked them before they were cool… is what I would say if I were a hipster. But I’m generally uncool so we know that isn’t the case.

Now that you know this about me, you can imagine my excitement when I opened up my three gifts for our little girl at our baby party last weekend. First, I opened up this too-cute-for-words onesie. Complete with octopus and Steve’s favorite color: neon yellow.

I just can’t believe that in early February we’re going to have a little baby kicking around in that outfit. It’s so cute I can hardly stand it!

As if the cuteness factor wasn’t already off the charts, the next gift I opened was a baby hat shaped like an octopus. And I obviously couldn’t just take a photograph a hat without trying it out on the dog as soon as we got home.

I know it’s pretty hard to get past that expression on Olive’s face, but try to focus on the awesomeness of the hat.

To top off this trifecta of cephalopod spectacularness, I opened up this bad boy:

This clock couldn’t be any more perfect for the nursery. He’s so charming! I want to put on a top hat, tip it his direction, and with my very best British accent say “Good day to you, sir.” Isn’t he just the cutest little guy? We haven’t picked the perfect spot to hang him yet, but to be honest it’s because we haven’t picked a perfect spot for anything new in there, yet. I figure we’ll fill the room up with new taking-care-of-baby needs and accessories, and then figure out where everything goes.

I’m hoping to be back tomorrow with an Olive-related post, but this blog is starting to seriously compete with the back of my eyelids and my comfy bed.



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