Baby Party: Part Uno

Because apparently I’m Spanish-speaking today. Although, I’m not sure knowing how to say “one” in Spanish constitutes being a foreign language speaker.

Yes, this post took me a whole week to do–not the actual writing or photo editing, but the part where one needs to muster up the motivation to sit on a computer after an entire work day of sitting on a computer. This belly is growing and mama is tired when she gets home. I suppose the fact this took me a week to write just goes to show how much fun we had, and how much time I needed to recover from it!

See, this is how it went down. I have this incredible group of friends. They all live 3.5ish hours away in Chicago / a suburb of Chicago / soon-to-be Michigan / Northern Indiana. We are all so spread apart, so when one of my best friends offered to throw us a couples baby party at their home in Northern Indiana, which is a good in between spot for all of us, I obviously and immediately started the countdown.

Kelly and Mark are the greatest hosts. She said it was going to be no muss no fuss, but still cranked out one of the cutest diaper cakes (with the assistance of the rest of the girls) and one damn delicious spread of Mexican-themed food and drink.

Adorable table-scape, right?

This is another reason why we love Mark and Kelly:

Who says just because the knocked-up guest of honor can’t drink, the rest of the crowd shouldn’t indulge in a margarita or three?

Fun. Was. Had. Let me tell you. For being the most sober person there (with the exception of two of the good-natured husbands who were DDs so their significant others could get fuzzy in the brain), I can easily say that was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had without the assistance of alcohol.

We laughed so much. And so hard. There were a few points where I thought I was going to pee my pants. And I’m 7 months pregnant, so full disclosure… I probably did a little bit.

Laughter is usually my meter for measuring fun, and this was off the charts. Let’s take another look at that diaper cake, shall we? My friend Drew wasn’t sure what to think of it. Do we eat it? Do we look at it? What’s it for? IT’S FOR PURE CUTENESS.

I was pretty busy gabbing and getting caught up with everyone so I didn’t take tons and tons of pictures. And the pictures I did take were terribly white-balanced, hence the cheating vintage sepia tone I got goin’ on. Let’s pretend that was an artistic decision and not a means of necessity.

Here is the adorable host and me:

Their beautiful home has this enormous kitchen that facilitates mingling and partying quite perfectly.

This is everyone, “cheers”ing to Baby Harpster. With Tequila. I love each and every one of those people, and their dedication to celebrations.

Post Tequila–obviously.

Here’s the whole group of us, with the exception Kelly’s husband, Mark, who was taking the picture. I need to seriously Photoshop him in there.

That little bundle of joy belongs to Kelly and Mark, but was obviously passed around like a hot potato the entire night. I mean, look at that face. Who wouldn’t want a piece of her?

Sigh. Man, do I love these people. It was such a great night, full of love and laughter. We’re going to try to make these gatherings more frequent, which might be a struggle to organize, but we’re all up for the challenge. It was too fun to not try to do every year. (The gathering / drinking / laughing… not the baby celebrating. Oh jeez louise I hope we’re not celebrating a baby every single year.)

I’ll be back tomorrow to share some of the adorable gifts that were given to our baby girl. Happy Monday, everyone! I only have a short, three-day week, so I’m obviously in a pretty good mood. A long weekend and lots of food in my future = a happy pregnant lady.


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