A Friday Tute

As in tutorial.

I wouldn’t put it past me to make a fart joke on an early Friday morning, but not today, my friends.

Today I’m going to show you guys how I made the fabric-wrapped “R” for our nursery!

The first step of this process technically involves you wanting to make a yarn-wrapped letter. So, buy a bunch of yarn, spend an entire evening trying to wrap your letter, and then say shit shit shit over and over when you can’t figure out how to make one, all the while burning yourself with your hot glue gun. And then in a fit of rage cut off all the yarn and throw it all in the trash. And then grumpily say HURMPH. And then blame all of the above on your raging hormones.

That was my first step.

Step TWO is to take your letter and decide that you want to wrap it with fabric instead!

This is really so simple. All you need is a letter of your choice, (I got mine at Hobby Lobby — but you can find them at any craft store) a simple staple gun, a pair of scissors, your favorite fabric, and some thin batting for dimension.

Cut out your batting, making sure you have enough to wrap around the edges of your letter.

Once your letter is flipped over, start tugging and stapling. There is really nothing scientific about this. I just made my way around the letter, cutting the batting where it needed to fit in the letter’s grooves.

It ain’t pretty on the backside. But when is it ever, amiright?

But the front side looks way awesome. Smooth as a baby’s bottom.

After your batting is on, you basically just repeat that exact same process with the fabric. I’m telling you guys, screw the yarn-wrapped letters. This is WAY easier.

And you’re done! This project, after all of the supplies are gathered, only takes about 30 minutes. Easy. As. Pie.

Fit for a queen. Or a baby.

And they all lived happily ever after because I never, ever, ever tried ever again to make a yarn-wrapped letter.

The end.


8 thoughts on “A Friday Tute

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  2. Oh my goodness. Your post. Hilarious! And me exactly at this moment! I tired those @&$#% yarn wrapped letters. They sat for a year unfinished because I couldn’t get past the corners. I cut off all the yarn and tossed it out. Major Pinterest Fail. But it’s a vicious cycle and I hit up Pinterest again to find a tute for fabric wrapped letters. I’m so glad I clicked on yours! Glad I wasn’t the only fool to fall for the “easy” yarn wrapped letters.

  3. I love your letter art adventure & much prefer your fabric wrapped letter over any yarn wrapped. I especially love your fabric. The colors are clean and minimal with a lovely floral pattern.

    We don’t have a hoppy lobby nearby and I’ve checked JoAnn’s and Michaels and they don’t have cool large letters, so I’ll have to keep my eyes open for one’s similar to this one.

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