Skull, Skull, Skull, Skull, Skuuull

Sung to the tune of The Thong Song. Because why not? It’s Thursday.

Let me tell you a little something about my husband: he LOVES skulls. I know–it surprised me, too, when he told me after our second or third date. I thought I was about to get serious with some closeted motorcycle-loving, I-love-mom-tattoo-wearing, swashbuckling pirate. Turns out the dude is totally normal (by my standards, anyway) but just happens to have a penchant for human domes. I can dig it. At least there’s something he’s into, right? And that something isn’t cocaine or gambling so I figured we’d be all set.

I saw this gold skull online at Z Gallery, and immediately showed it to Steve.

Not only did he think it was awesome, but YOU GUYS – he ordered it. This goes down in history as the first item of home decor that Steve has purchased on his own.

Skully sits lovingly atop our credenza in the family room. Yes, year round. No, this isn’t just Halloween decor. Anything that makes my Lumberjack so happy needs to be proudly displayed. (Babe, if you’re reading this, I am aware that your beer bottle collection is still collecting dust in the attic. Baby steps.)

And that’s the story of how Skully came to be. Who doesn’t love a nice, golden skull displayed year round?

I should probably mention that I love it, too. It’s quirky and odd and a little bit endearing. Just like us. 🙂


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