Mood Board vs. Reality

Having a grand plan when you’re designing a room is always helpful–it’s your vision, and your starting off point. One piece of advice I will always tell you though, is your plan needs to remain flexible. Liquid. Let it flow like the butter on my baked potato.

It’s always fun to see where you started vs. where you ended up. Remember my original mood board for The Alien’s room?

I had picked a wall color and the crib–those two things were the most important for me to begin the design of the room.

But how close is it to where we ended up?

It’s not the closest-ever representation of mood board to reality, but when you’re on a budget sometimes you have to make some smart changes. And that’s not a bad thing–I ended up loving the rug we found. I could’ve spent $900 on another chevron yellow rug that fit the space better, but this guy for $200 worked just fine for us. I am also thrilled with the way we were able to work in that rich, plum color. That never would’ve worked with the original mood board.

Here’s a visual breakdown of what stayed and what went buh bye:

Most of the items we already had on hand stayed: the dresser (the one pictured is just representative of ours) and the blue chair. Although, the floor lamp is OUT–please read that in Heidi Klum’s German accent. After working in the space we realized we had room for a small accent table and a table lamp… a total bonus!

The rug? Out. It was too itty bitty for the space, although I’m still in love with it. Now she lives happily in the guest bedroom. A few other things that didn’t make the cut were the window treatments. I marked the floral fabric with a green check mark because I did end up using that fabric for the letter “R” on the wall, but sadly not as a window treatment. The lace had to go, also. It just wasn’t doing it for me.

One of the best design decisions you can make along the way is to admit failure. Seriously. I know that sounds lame, but if something isn’t working? Don’t get hung up on it. Just let it go man, let it go. Even though the rug didn’t work out for us I still loved having pops of yellow in the room. And even though I couldn’t find a good place for the hanging jade plant, I managed to work in a snake plant that fits the space even better.

You just gotta roll with the punches. Unless you’re a millionaire and you can either A.) hire someone to do all this for you, or B.) put together a mood board and spend a kajillion dollars tracking down every single piece to match your vision exactly. I have a feeling I don’t have very many millionaires reading my blog. And if I do? ::batting eyelashes:: Hello! Let me tell you where I’m registered.

At the end of the day, my design advice to everyone is to go with the flow, and let the room evolve. Edit as you add pieces, and never lose sight of your vision.

[ This cheesy ending brought to you by lack of caffeine and a surplus of hormones. ]


5 thoughts on “Mood Board vs. Reality

  1. Where are you registered? Your readers would like to know. Not that I’m a millionaire, mind you. If I was a millioniare I’d be out for a visit toting a u-haul filled with goodies. Ah, it’s nice to dream :0)

  2. I think the chevron rug would have been too chaotic, pattern-wise. I love the softness of the one you ended up using. It looks cushy too, for alien crab-crawling. All in all the room looks like a home run to me.

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