The Cardinal Rule

Husbands, if there is one thing you need to understand about pregnancy, it’s Don’t Question The Fat Lady. We’re hormonal, we’re nesting, and our bodies are a veritable science experiment. If we suddenly change our minds about what we want for dinner, or whether or not we’re hot or cold, just go with the flow, man.

Steve learned this valuable lesson when suddenly one day I told him I wasn’t satisfied with the nursery window treatment. Remember this?

I loved it when we made it. I loved it when we hung it. And then suddenly, I didn’t love it anymore.

Another cardinal rule that I’ll share with you, that has nothing to do with pregnancy and everything to do with designing a room from the floor up — literally — is if you are on a budget, start with the most expensive item and mold the room around that.

We needed an 8×10 rug for this room. But I made the mistake of picking out the fabric, making, and hanging this cornice box before we had a rug. Now, if we had $1000 in the budget for the rug of my dreams than this scenario wouldn’t have been a problem — but I wasn’t smoking crack, so that obviously didn’t happen. When we found the perfect 8×10 rug for $200 at Homegoods, it was ours faster than you could say “but it doesn’t really match the cornice box.”

Steve thought the rug matched the fabric. Steve also thought that he was going to win an argument with a hormonal pregnant women. He’s so cute.

After a lot of discussion and “well, we could do this… or this…” we ultimately decided to replace the cornice box with light, bright, and simple white curtain panels. (It’s getting all Dr. Seuss up in here.)

And I have to tell you guys a secret. I’m a curtain panel kind of girl. I really am. I was trying to step outside of my comfort zone with the cornice-box-curtain-gathered-in-the-middle thing, and it just wasn’t working for me — rug or no rug.

And then just like that – SHABAM – the room was pulled together. Who knew just a $30 pair of white curtain panels from Target could do that?

In order for this new curtain scenario to satisfy us both, Steve insisted that instead of wasting the cornice box we had already spent the time to make, that it be moved to the guest room. So at least it’s not completely getting the shaft. It just got booted from one room to another 5 feet away.

So that’s our curtain debacle in a nutshell. A big thank you to my handsome lumberjack for not wheeling me to the nearest loony bin when I started talking trash about our window treatment that we worked so hard on. I think he’ll agree that it was all worth it — we are loving the nursery so far!

Have any of you regretted a home decor decision? Oh, please tell me I’m not alone…


4 thoughts on “The Cardinal Rule

  1. You have no idea how many swatches of paint I had on the nursery wall before I found the perfect yellow. I didn’t want it to be pastel or spring like. It also couldn’t be too dark or too bright. It’s the paint color that goldylocks chose.

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