Poopy Face.



Olive’s many nicknames are diverse, ranging from affectionate to OH MY GOD LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE AND THANK YOU. She’s really the best dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing / owning / loving, and because of her snuggly and I-always-want-to-be-by-you nature, we get some great pictures.

This blog post is nothing more than a smattering of Olive pictures. Enjoy!

I was up in the loft sewing the other night, and as I headed down the staircase I feasted my eyes upon one of the cutest Snugglefests one has ever witnessed. They’re not posed. Steve didn’t trick her into laying there with a delicious piece of bacon. He laid down on the floor ā€“ obviously Olive’s territory ā€“ and she made herself right at home. On his arm.

Her favorite part about life is touching one of us. It doesn’t matter if it’s our foot, or a lap, or a piece of clothing. The same goes for licking. She has been known to lick my jeans if she can’t find an immediate opportunity for tongue-to-skin contact.

The next one is my favorite. Man, I love those two.

Sometimes we have no reason to take a picture of Olive; she’s not forcefully dressed in anything ridiculous, and she’s not doing anything particularly evil / adorable. But the lighting is right and she is adorable, so we snap away.

Our favorite sessions with Olive consistently involve articles of clothing, or something ridiculous for her to balance on her head. She needs to prepare for the plethora of baby clothing that’s going to soon swarm the house, because she will be trying everything on for us. That’s just how it’s going to be. Case in point: our first pair of baby socks.

The look on her face says “I’m humiliated. I have never felt so degraded and humiliated.” But I know she’s really thinking “THEY’RE LOOKING AT ME! I WANT TO LICK THEM. WHAT’S THAT SMELL? I SEE A BUNNY!”

If owning a dog and obsessively taking pictures of said dog is any indication of what it’s going to be like living with a baby, you all better just go ahead and prepare. The pictures are coming. I will not be able to stop myself. I will try to only post the very best ones, but don’t say I never warned you.

I hope you enjoyed this brief Olive-inspired interruption. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Pictures and a tutorial of the book ledges tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Lollypop

  1. Your dog is so cute! And she seems really calm! I have a Westie that is like that =] she is just so mellow. We had some family living with us not too long ago and my niece who was about 10 months at the time would pull on my Westie’s ears and all that baby stuff and my little dog would just sit there and be like, “la la la” haha

  2. Adorable!! She is an excellent sock model too! And I just died laughing when I saw the picture at the bottom of this page…after her bath covered in a towel. Priceless!

  3. Olive is wonderful. I always love seeing pictures of people’s pets. I laughed at her thoughts “They’re looking at me. I want to lick them.” I live with 2 cats who rarely lower themselves to licking me. They do, however, squint at me when I’m looking at them. And they like to be involved in whatever I’m doing – as long as it doesn’t involve the vacuum cleaner.

  4. Your blog is so funny and sweet! I have 5 kids (3 two legged ones and 2 four legged ones) I have to say I love them all! Dogs are amazing…olive reminds me of my two babies ( a lab, and a st. bernard) sweet, loving, and in need of constant close contact with said human family…lol

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