A Crib Skirt (Or Something Like it)

I hesitate calling this a crib skirt, because in reality it’s just two pieces of hemmed fabric tied onto the crib springs. But if you’re into calling that a skirt than be my guest. It’s like a really slutty skirt that’s missing a few sides.

I didn’t take pictures of the whole process because once I measured, cut, and hemmed, I was literally left with two rectangles of fabric (only two sides of our crib are visible, therefore I only needed two “skirts”). I very crudely sewed on some ties, and called it a day.

You can see in the photo above how it’s tied onto the crib spring-board. I have four ties on the long piece, and three on the short piece.

RUG SNEAK PEAK! I adore the rug. My parents found it at Homegoods and brought it with them last weekend. It’s 8×10 and fits the room like a glove. The best part, aside from its scrumptiously warm and delicious gold tones, is it has eliminated any echo from the room.

Rug Rant over. Back to the skirt.

That’s a view of the long side. The two corner ties are hidden in the corners — imagine that.

A close-up of the tie:

I used the leftover bias tape from the bunting project which worked perfectly. It’s unfinished and scraggly but no one will see it as the mattress smooshes this whole spring-board.

It looks wrinkly because of the bar shadows, but I promise it lays flat. There are way too many slut jokes in here for this being a tutorial on how to make a crib skirt… or maybe not, actually. Use protection, ladies, or else you’ll be making crib skirts!

Here it is with the still-covered-in-plastic mattress in place:

You may be wondering if I’m tightly cropping the photos on purpose. Well, you’d be correct and therefore you win a gold star for the day! Huzzah!

See? Once the mattress is down you can’t see any of the unfinished ties. It just looks crisp and clean.

Are you curious as to what’s in the crib? I thought so.

Let me introduce you to Bob:

He’s a puppet and Steve has already abused his rights as a dog-owner and teased Olive with it. She loved it, so it worked out.

Mr. Giraffe is hanging out in the other corner.

I think there’s something happening between those two.

I’m so lucky that my mom saved all of my beloved stuffed animals. I have a heap of them tossed in the nursery, waiting to be placed in the room. They’re all wonderfully unique animals and they instantly make the room feel like a kid should be living in it.

It’s really coming together and I’m getting more and more excited to see the whole thing finished! Our goal was to have the entire nursery completed before my third trimester, which is 3 short weeks away. It will be a tight race, but we might be able to pull it off!

Steve is home from work today and working on the book ledges. I don’t see any reason why those won’t go up some time this week, and you know I’ll keep you posted.

Have a happy Tuesday on this lovely Fall day!







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