Shopping Vs. Working

So, this weekend I was supposed to paint the book ledges. It didn’t happen. The reason why it didn’t happen was a mix between them not being sanded and ready to paint (which I could’ve done) and the fact that I spent a good majority of my weekend at Target scouring the aisles for my final nursery decor needs.

After I got the general cleaning / laundry / grocery shopping hum drum of weekend chores accomplished, I decided to spend the remainder of my weekend free-time shopping rather than working on the ledges. Sue me.

Target isn’t paying me to tell you this. Nor do they have any clue who I am. I am only mentioning their name because I am like a kid in a candy store in there. I could spend several hours just walking down the aisles, discovering new stuff I NEED to have.
And their collections are getting more and more impressive. They’re not the cheapest, but they’re a great one-stop-shop and I was very pleased to be able to conclude the Nursery Shopping Extravaganza in one fell swoop.

Here’s the new accent table that will live by the rocking chair. For when mama needs to set her cocktail somewhere.

I love the lines and the masculine texture that will tone down the femininity of the room. And of the new mercury glass lamp I had to have:

This was one of those mix ‘n match dealies. I chose a burlap looking shade because a white shade would’ve blended into the wall and crib. This one provides a striking texture to the lamp itself, and to the rest of the room. The mercury glass trend may be over, but it lives on forever in my heart and in our nursery, apparently. I’m still a sucker for it.

I was planning on thrifting a bunch of mix and match frames to create a small collage, but then I found these and they were perfect in price (Goodwill is getting expensive — I’m not even joking) and I adored the antique look of them. They had gobs to choose from, but these were the lucky three that came home with me:

I made a last-minute decision to register at a second store: Target, and I’m so glad I did because I had a blast in there over the weekend. Yes, this is what my life has come to. And I’m not ashamed of it. ‘Merica!

I did get a few other small nursery-related craft projects accomplished this weekend; It wasn’t all shopping and partying. I threw together some semblance of a crib skirt I can share sometime soon, and I’m still hoping to have pictures of the book ledges late in the week!

Are you guys tired of nursery updates yet? I’m not going lie — that’s all we got goin’ on right now. Maybe I’ll throw in a few new pictures of Olive and The Bump to make up for it.

I hope you had a great weekend! Have a marvelous Monday.





5 thoughts on “Shopping Vs. Working

  1. Definitely not tired of your nursery updates. I’m not at a place where I want to start having kids yet, but I love hearing about others who are! Keep it coming. And I love the lamp with the burlap shade!

  2. It’s so funny you put that Goodwill is getting expensive. I have been looking for lamps for our bedroom and decided to go to Goodwill to get some that I could revamp for cheaper than the local store, and all of the lamps there were at least $4 more expensive than the ones at the store, AND they didn’t come with lampshades. Ridiculous!! And I adore the baby posts 🙂 You’re giving many ideas!

  3. I love your blog, Moriya, and all the baby/nursery posts! I hope you had a great visit with Mom and Dad. The nursery is looking beautiful and I can’t wait to see the final reveal.

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