Plants and a Little A.D.D.

I mentioned a week ago that there were a few untimely plant deaths in The Harpster Home. [insert sad funeral march]

I didn’t capture the deaths on camera because A. I thought that seemed a little too macabre for this blog, or B. I just forgot. “B” is the real reason. Here’s another “A” and “B” scenario: The plants died because A. soft water kills plants, or B. I didn’t give them enough water. The answer is mostly “A.” Mostly.

The nice lady at the nursery told me that soft water burns plant roots and that my succulents and air plants were probably too fragile to withstand that sort of mistake. I did fail to mention to her that I had been lazy about watering. I’m sure she would’ve also said “hey lady. you’re an idiot” if given the chance.

I filled up the silver pot on the coffee table with the large, surviving air plants:

They seem to be pretty happy in there. Happier than the succulents were, at least.

On my way to photograph the plant basket in the kitchen I got distracted by how pretty the sun looked on the kitchen rug. I went to take a picture, and this happened:

The Belly is growing. That is one thing I’m not forgetting to water, don’t worry.

Here is our new dinette corner, sans air plants:

As much as I liked the clear, glass globes filled with pebbles and greenery, I think I like this better. This nook seems much less chaotic, and this hanging basket has a presence that demands attention. Like Lady Gaga but less meat dress and make-up and more natural beauty.

I was heading to the desk to put the camera away when I saw Olive sleeping by Steve’s feet. I had to crawl on the ground and snap a quick picture. We have so many pictures of her; I can’t resist that face.

I’m pretty sure she knew I was there. I think she was trying to be an attractive sleeper for the camera. Not like her mom who is an ugly sleeper. Mouth open and snoring, from what Steve tells me.

While I was on the ground with her I saw my new basket in the background that I realized I had never photographed for you good people.

I got it a few weekends ago when I was in Cincinnati at a farmer’s market / bizarre sort of outdoor event. Isn’t it full of charm and character? I thought it would be a great place to corral toys and kid paraphernalia in the family room.

I just now realized that the whole point of this post was to show you guys my new plants and I absolutely failed on all accounts. I got a Snake Plant for the nursery, and a Neon Pothos for the kitchen. Google it.

Thank you for following me along my A.D.D.-filled journey. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!


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