The Cozy Corner

Last Sunday I managed to capture the light that explodes through our family room window every morning. It makes life appear more magical and it certainly made this little corner seem even cozier than usual.

That is the jade plant I had originally intended for the nursery. I recently made the decision that it would prefer to live on this little ceramic drum by the window, as the nursery doesn’t get an abundance of light. So, guess what I got to do? GO PLANT SHOPPING.

Next week I’ll share some pictures of two (yes, I know. Two.) new family members I mean plants. I did a little bit of greenery rearrangement around these parts due to the sudden and untimely death of my succulents and air plants. FYI – DO NOT USE SOFT WATER ON HOUSE PLANTS. I know. I didn’t know either. I learned the hard way. More on that later.

My parents are coming for a visit tonight and staying through Sunday and I feel like a little girl on Christmas eve. I can’t wait to spend some time with them, just relaxing around the house and possibly doing a little nursery / house / baby shopping around town. There is definitely a Midland Antiques trip on the agenda. Hopefully I’ll have some treasures to share with you all on Monday.

May all your weekends be as entertaining as watching Olive startle herself with her own fart. Toodles!


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