A Quickie

Last weekend The Lumberjack and I flew out to Brooklyn, NY for a 24-hour adventure. It’s always so strange to do a quick trip like that and then look back on your weekend to realize you were so far away in such a short amount of time. Airplanes are weird, man.

The reason for our trip was to attend one of my oldest friend’s wedding. I don’t have any good pics from the wedding because it was insanely beautiful and romantic and candlelit — and I didn’t want to go around flashing the flash on my camera. (Also, I try not to post images of friends on here without their permission, and they’re in Paris honeymooning so I think they might be a tad occupied right now.)

So, instead of beautiful shots from the wedding — you’ll have to use your imagination on those (picture romantic candlelit tablescapes, an urban restaurant patio, and lots of love) — I have some beautiful pictures of the city.

The new WTC as seen from the Brooklyn Bridge:

I know this makes me unamarican, but I’m not the biggest fan of NYC. I know, I know, refrain from throwing your tomatoes. It’s just not mah thang. But, on this particular weekend the weather was making it had for me to not love it a little bit.

This little park (on Brooklyn’s side) between the Manhattan and the Brooklyn bridges was probably my favorite little spot in all of NY. A friend let us in on the secret and I am so glad we went and checked it out.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a sight to behold. I could’ve looked at those interconnecting cables all day long. Graphically, this bridge is drop-dead gorgeous.

I think all of our pictures as a couple are in this exact same format. We’ve learned that Steve can take a self-portrait if he holds out his left hand, which is the side of the camera the button is on when it’s facing us.

And one last picture of the belly to curb curiosities: (DID SOMEONE SAY CARB? Mmmm)

The belly looks particularly pointy in this picture, and I blame it on these demi-panel jeans. They sort of squish it up into a little point. Pregnant ladies, you know what I’m saying? As long as I could discuss the panel differences in maternity jeans, I have a feeling most of you are ready for me to move on. Although, pregnant or not, I recommend a nice pair of maternity jeans for your next Thanksgiving dinner.

That’s our weekend in a nutshell. Just like this post, it was over almost as soon as it started. Congratulations to the happy couple!!



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