That’s Mr. Kent to you

I completely forgot to show you guys the newest furniture addition to our home. With all of our attention on the nursery, somehow I kept forgetting to take pictures of our new dresser! And we needed a new one, badly.

Craigslist is great — if you have patience. And I happen to have very little patience, so the daily Craigslist checks were getting old.

Miraculously, one day I stumbled across this baby:

It had EVERYTHING. It was the right price (you’d be amazed how much people charge for good-quality mid-century furniture these days), it was in mint condition, it was the perfect size, and functioned exactly how we needed it to.

I’ve found with Craigslist if you really want something you don’t haggle. I called and offered the exact amount in cash, and asked if they had the ability to deliver it because we sadly had no way to pick it up. Luckily, they only charged us an extra $20 for delivery. It was meant to be. And aside from that one fruit loop guy who killed a bunch of people, I’ve had nothing but incredibly wonderful interactions with the Craigslist Bunch.

It’s not “styled” and all that jazz, yet. Right now we have our mound of baby books stacked high, and a random faux orchid sitting there. The word “faux” makes fake flowers sound way more appealing.

I am kind of obsessed with it. The color is perfect and they weren’t lying when they said it was in near perfect condition. All of the drawers work with ease, and there isn’t a scratch on it.

The detail is scrumptious. Now I want new nightstands. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

You might be asking yourself, “Self, I wonder who that ridiculously attractive couple is in that picture frame.” That, my friends, is a picture of my parents from the 70s. And yes, they know they look good.

I really, really, really, really, reeeeeally love this addition to the master bedroom. I remember in High School I had an English teacher who told us never to use the word “really” when we write. But I figure if I use it 5 times in a row it’s okay.

I can’t believe it took me 4 months to share this beautiful beast. Maybe a little part of me wanted to keep him all to myself. But you have to let this kind of wild beauty be free.

I clearly haven’t had my coffee yet.

And if you’re wondering what we did with those bad ass mirrors that came with it, your guess is as good as mine. We’re not sure exactly where to use them yet (they’re pretty huge) but once we find the perfect place I’ll let you know. Any suggestions?

Later this week I’ll be back with a few more nursery sneak peaks and perhaps a bunting tutorial. Stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “That’s Mr. Kent to you

  1. I absolutely love your blog – and as thrilled as you are about your new dresser, I am that much more thrilled about your bunting tutorial. I have scoured the Internet and pinterest and have yet to find one that I like or that I find easy enough for my not so fantastic DIY skills.

  2. I totally agree– if you really want something on CL, don’t haggle! I recently paid $100 for a BEAUTIFUL mint condition upholstered headboard, and even though I wish it’d been cheaper, it was still a steal at that price.

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