They’re Baaaa-Aaack

Remember when I told you that the teddy bears were only going to be a distant memory? Well, I lied. Because here they are:

Fear not my friends, after this post I promise you’ll never have to see them again.

This cornice box was so nice and sturdy and I just hated to get rid of it. I decided to keep it, and just upholster the whole thing so it was much less offensive and didn’t scare our baby girl every night when she went to sleep.

I pretty much followed the exact same process as last time I made one of these, but the corners wrapped a little differently because this one has a top to it. Let me show you…

After I wrapped two layers of batting around the box (one layer felt too thin — so I just stapled on another layer — nothing scientific here, folks) I (Steve) cut the fabric to size. And then I stood there and took the most awkwardly angled photo in the history of time. Am I levitating? Am I 10 feet tall? You will never know.

This is how I started, buy stapling the fabric onto the top of the box. This is the part that no one will ever see because it’s awful close to the ceiling.

After that was all secured and taut I flipped it on its back and stapled the bottom.

After giving it another flip so I could see what I was left with, well, this is what I was left with:

I took careful measurements and then proceeded with caution. <– I’m totally lying. I winged it. It really is like wrapping a present… but you just have to keep playing around with it until the fabric folds right.

I sort of pinched the fabric so the bulk of it fell under the fold. Does that make sense? It’s so hard to describe. Actually, it’s much harder to describe than to actually just do it.

After the fabric is pinched and folded exactly how you want it, BOOM, put a staple in it. Sort like put a ring on it, but not. Wow. I literally think that’s the first and last Beyonce reference I’ve ever made / will ever make.

I put my staple on the inside so you can’t see anything from the outside. After it was secure I unloaded a whole bunch more. Partly because it needed them, and partly because it was so much fun.

Once you complete all of your corners you’re done! Here she is hanging in all her glory:

I’m in LOVE with the cornice box and the floral fabric. In. Love.

I had this grand idea of how I wanted to use this vintage lace curtain that we used at our wedding. So we stapled it into the inside of the cornice box. I’m not totally over the moon with how it turned out, but I’m not ready to rip it off, yet. I think we’ll wait and see how we like it when the rest of the room starts filling up with furniture.

Steve walked by the other day and said “it’s definitely growing on me”, which I agreed with. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done to a window before. I ALWAYS use curtain panels, and no blinds. So, this switcheroo (and using the blinds that came with the house) is kinda a nice change. And the lace softens the hardness of the wood blinds.

We’ll see how we like it when the whole room comes together. The crib won’t get here until the end of October so we’re sort of at a stalemate until it hurries up and gets here already.

Steve has the day off today and his goal is to get the room cleaned up and ready to fill with furniture! Our next big project is refinishing the dresser / changing table. I’ll update you as we make progress!


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