We Did It

After months of agonizing decisions and research — you probably think I’m going to say we did something really profound, huh? No, that’s just what it took to pick out a darn crib. I’m telling you what, I make pretty easy decisions but buying a crib was up there with deciding what toppings I want on my ice cream. BIG DECISIONS.

And as the title of this post announces: WE DID IT. We finally ordered our crib this weekend.

I’ll give you a reminder about the crib I wanted from our mood board:

After many, many moons of letting it marinate in my brain I finally decided it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

It was too much wood [this is me refraining from telling a dirty joke].

The floor is oak colored, along with the trim, the doors, and the slatted blinds on the window. So much oak! And don’t get me wrong, I love the warm tones of the wood, but with all the antique and soft touches in the room I felt the room needed a swift kick in the balls by way of a modern-lined, crisp, white crib.

Enter: The Crib I Really Wanted From The Beginning But Thought Was Too Expensive But In The End Decided To Pay The $150 More For It Because I Really Love It

I’m really in love. I can’t wait to scoop up our baby girl from it.

And when the time is right, it converts to a toddler bed:

Two of my favorite features are that it’s made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood and that it has a non-toxic finish, for when the little gummy bear grows teeth and decides to gnaw on everything. They do that, right? I’m just comparing this whole baby thing to raising a puppy. So far I’ve been pretty spot on.

I made a two-second, rough adjustment to the mood board to see how it fits in with everything:

That crisp pop of white is like the cheese to my macaroni.

Next up is finding the right mattress. Who knew putting together a bed for someone who weighs 10 pounds could be so complicated? I asked Steve if the baby could just share Olive’s bed, but he said no. Something about Child Protective Services.





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