They say with pregnancy comes this insatiable urge to nest. But I’ve always had that urge; it sorta goes along with being slightly OCD my whole life.

Exhibit A:

I think my nesting urge has been living vicariously through ORGANIZING. All of a sudden last week I felt like my life was spinning out of control and the only way to get things back to normal was to organize the guest room closet. I’m not even kidding.

We had two closets full of junk, and one of those closets was in the nursery and needed to be empty to make room for baby. So I essentially had to combine two closets into one, while maintaining some sort of rhyme and rhythm to it.

I’ve been terrible at the “before” pictures, lately. I’m pregnant, leave me alone. (<– my new catchphrase) After I spent an hour inside of my own whirling tornado of organization, I was left with a Nursery Approved closet, ready to be filled to the brim with baby thingymajigs:

That bamboo dresser-thingy was not really serving any function anywhere in the house, and I thought it would be a perfect place to corral small baby items that are in dire need of a home. We’ll have a large dresser in the room just for clothes, so this could be used for toys, extra diaper supplies, whiskey and cigarettes. You know, the usual baby stuff.

And yes. My head is lowered in shame, but that is a Halloween costume for next year. It was on clearance and it’s an ELEPHANT! I couldn’t resist. By the way, can I mention how effing adorable baby hangers are?

So, after this closet was cleared and cleaned, this guest room closet needed be organized. It had to serve two functions: a craft closet + storage.

I think it’ll do just fine:

We have our portable crib in there, along with some cleaning supplies that don’t fit in the laundry room, some random sporting goods, and most importantly: CRAFT CENTRAL.

Having all of my supplies labeled and easy to access makes it really easy to keep things neat and organized. And, if you notice the empty containers, there is room to grow which is always a good thing. That’s always my first piece of advice to someone organizing a small space. Try your hardest not to fill it to the brim — you will need some room to grow into it.

I know this was a pretty dull post, but I’m just keepin’ it real. These are the kinds of projects I didn’t realize were going to be so important in the Getting Ready for Baby process. I was still proud of myself when it was all over. It’s more fun for me to decorate knowing all the nooks and crannies are organized and ready to grow with us.

I’m so excited to spend the weekend with one of my best friends this weekend, and YOU GUYS guess what? We’re going to hit up IKEA on Sunday. It’s almost like this weekend is too good to be true. I hope you all have whatever your idea of fun is planned this weekend! Happy Friday!



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