They Will Haunt You

Friends lovingly refer to the third bedroom (the soon-to-be nursery) as The Teddy Bear Room. I’m not sure if that sounds more Horror Movie or Porno, but either way these creepers had to go.

They were, indeed, everywhere. They surrounded the room and even watched you from atop their perch on the window. Everywhere you looked there were teddy bears. And bad paint colors.

This was the room the day we moved in:

TEDDY BEAR OVERLOAD. And holy gold fan, Batman.

As soon as we found out I was growing an alien inside of me we got to work. I’ve heard horror stories about removing border paper / wallpaper, so I wasn’t thrilled to get started. Luckily, we got a pro tip from Steve’s parents who have the inside scoop, and the whole process was far less miserable than I thought it would be.

We pushed everything in the room to the middle, and that twin bed eventually landed in the loft.

What are those random pink squares you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. They saved them for us. How nice.

After a few deep breaths, we were ready to start. First step was to use one of those round, perforating wallpaper-removal tools. It just glides right over the paper and pokes little holes to allow for the removal solution to penetrate the adhesive.

Here’s a close up for you. While you’re checking out what the perforated holes look like, don’t look the bears directly in the eyes. They will suck your soul right outta ya.

And here’s our secret weapon; this is the pro-tip I was telling you about:

DIF isn’t sponsoring this post, and I tell you with absolute certainty that they have no idea who I am. It’s just a good product so I thought I’d share our little secret.

Spray. Wait. Scrape. And do that over and over again. Some parts came off in huge, clean sheets, and some parts you really needed to put some muscle into. I didn’t take pictures of the whole scraping process because our hands were completely covered in adhesive and anything else that wanted to stick. It took a good two hours to get every last piece off, but it all came off!

And somewhere I have a video of us pulling off some pieces of paper in large, clean sections. But I don’t know where that video is. Leave me alone, I’m pregnant.

That “poof” was the rest of the scraping, and then the puttying / sanding, and then all of the priming and painting that followed. No one wants to see that. You all know what that process looks like. It’s not any more fun when it’s someone else’s pictures.

So, flash forward a few weeks and here we are as of last night:

It’s almost identical to the blue/green/gray color in the kitchen, and I am really diggin’ it. It looks more blue in artificial light, and green/gray in natural light.

This room feels so serene now, and we are making some good progress finally! Steve repainted the ceilings white yesterday, and much to my surprise it really made a difference. The whole room feels crisp and new.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to have this project wrapped up… it was a doozy. And now comes the fun part: filling it up with all of our baby girl’s furniture and decor! I really can’t wait to get started.

If you’re wondering what became of the teddy bears, they will live on forever in your nightmares. Muahahahahahahaaaaaa


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