1 Year = Paper

Last night Steve really wanted me to open up one of my anniversary presents. He knew he was a week early, and because he seemed to be sure of the actual date of our anniversary, I complied. I usually never want to open up anything early – for birthdays or holidays or anything, really – but he was just so excited and he was just too adorable to say “no” to.

He completely surprised me with a piece of artwork I have been salivating over for MONTHS over on Etsy.

Behold: my new pets…

After I stopped squealing I had time to actually look at it closely and see that It’s absolutely stunning in person, and it has this really great textural quality to it. These photos are from the artist’s Etsy page, but I’ll be sure to snap some photos of this baby when it’s hanging loud and proud.

I love how science-y it looks, and the weight and feel of it is scrumptious. He was thinking I might want to hang it in the nursery, and I just think we’ll do that. If our baby girl is going to be anything like her mama she is going to grow up loving all cetaceans (which is just the fancy order name for dolphins, porpoises, and whales). I was obsessed with these guys when I was little and that was one of the first “big” words I taught myself. I still have my little Eyewitness Cetacean book that I toted around with me everywhere, you know, in case I needed to identify any whales in the middle of Ohio.

This poster obviously makes me giddy, and the 10-year-old in me squawked with delight. I can’t wait to find its forever home in our house, and teach our daughter about all of the different types of whales.

Good job, babe. Totally nailed it. xo

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