Some FREE Pizzazz

I needed a big change in the bedroom. In the midst of trying to put together the nursery we are I am also, in fact, trying to assemble some sort of fashionable master bedroom. Call me crazy. I like to work on about 12 projects at the same time. The other 10 are only in the idea phase, and they’re rolling around in my brain like a bunch of rocks. Ooof.

Remember when we hung beautiful sconces over our new bed?

Beautiful sconces are indeed beautiful, but they’re a little blah. Also? Those pillows don’t go. Well, they did go. They got the boot.

I will definitely use these candles somewhere else in the bedroom because I LOVE them, but I needed something with a little more punch and with some more modern lines to hang over the bed.

I have been holding onto three blank canvases since we moved into our house, just waiting to bust them out at the perfect time. They used to live above our couch, covered in fabric, in our old apartment:

They were given to me by a friend when she was downsizing, so I continue to recycle them into new art when the mood strikes.

Well, the mood struck. It struck hard. I ripped all that fabric off, taped off the canvases, and went to Painting Town. I didn’t take pictures for a tutorial of the whole thing because it’s quite simple. You’ll see why….

VA VA VOOOOM! RIGHT? This little punch of geometric goodness is just what the doctor ordered.

Ok, here’s the super simple How-To:

  1. Tape off the canvas at a diagonal
  2. Paint the taped-off corner
  3. Wait for the paint to dry
  4. Remove the tape and put down a new piece over the painted side (try to match up the edge of the tape to your new line of paint)
  5. Paint the other corner

That’s seriously how simple this project was. All of the light corners are three different colors because I wanted some variation in tones. Two of the dark colors are the same, and that one pop of turquoise really just tickles my fancy.

Olive could’ve done this project. That’s how easy it was. The hardest part was picking out colors and I just totally winged it. I got lucky and really loved how it turned out — but if I didn’t all I would do is paint over whatever I didn’t love.

Because I used free canvases that I’ve been holding onto for years and I just mixed up paint that I already had lying around (it was a mix of the little sample sizes you get for interior paint, and craft / acrylic paint) this project was 100% FREE. And aren’t those really the best kind?

Olive approves. Everything is always better with a little snuggle from Olive.

She’s not exactly allowed on the bed so Steve, if you’re reading this, I love you [INSERT BIG PUPPY DOG EYES HERE]!

That’s the tale of how I got some free pizzazz. Which is the best kind of pizzazz, don’t ya think?


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