Vacation: Part 2

I dug up a few more photos off of our other camera for your viewing pleasure. That was a lot of prepositions. Did you guys have to memorize all of them in school? I remember my 6th grade language teacher made us memorize them ALL, and then recite them to her from start to finish. I can still get about halfway through that sucker. Needless to say I did well in that class. Math? Not so much.

Anywhoo, here is the lighthouse from the perspective of our kayaks:

Being on the kayaks was the best. It was so quiet out there; all you could hear was the chirping of the seagulls and the lapping of the waves.

The water was pretty icy, so I took a picture of Steve manning up, and jumping in:

Yes. He’s wearing a snorkel. That’s my dorkel. 🙂

#&*%&$^& THAT’S COLD.

Call me Grandma but one of the best beach purchases was this beach umbrella. I love me some sun, but it’s nice to catch a break in the shade.

Our second day there we happened to stumble upon a sand-castle-building competition. It was fun to walk along the coast and check them out.

I made an imaginary vote for the Angry Birds “castle” but we actually have no idea who won. We didn’t see any place to vote, or any judges walking around, but we did see sticks next to the castles with numbers on them. It’s a mystery to us who walked away with the gold prize, but it was fun to check them all out.

That about sums up our vacation! Lots of beach-time, pool sunning and reading, eating, and beach walking. This time last week I was still sleeping, subconsciously listening to the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach. Why do I do this to myself?

Back to reality and lots of fun house and baby projects coming up!


5 thoughts on “Vacation: Part 2

  1. Great pictures! I used to live in Virginia Beach and they had sand castle contests every year. It was fun to go down to the beach to see them all. People can do some crazy things with sand!

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