The Mood Board of All Mood Boards

For me at least. I’ve actually never done a mood board before, but they seem to make a lot of sense. We actually already owned a lot of furniture and accessories for the nursery, so the cost of putting it together isn’t going to be astronomical which is pretty awesome.

I wanted to see if all of my wild ideas for this room would work together, so without further ado, here is my Nursery Vision:

click to enlarge

The wall color we’ve already purchased; we drove past a Sherwin Williams over the weekend and they were having a 40% off sale! BOO YAH! So we got two gallons of no-VOC paint color-matched to BEHRs “Rhino” for $60. I give myself a pat on the back for already having a color in mind, and for not second-guessing myself when handing over our credit card. I had no time to waver. It was a very good thing.

Ok, let’s do a breakdown:

  1. The Lace – We have a leftover panel of lace from the desert table at our wedding. I’ll center it over the window and gather it in the middle.
  2. The Fabric – I’m seriously obsessed with this print. This will cover the cornice box over the window, and may provide a throw pillow or two.
  3. The Mobile – This one is $50 from an artist on Etsy so I’m not sure I’ll swing that, but I’d like something similar. Or I might just splurge. I’m completely obsessed with this one. It’s stunning close up.
  4. The Print – I’d like some graphic and whimsical artwork. I love this bright yellow apple from here.
  5. The Crib – We haven’t purchased it yet, but it’s the one I’m zeroing in on. It’s solid wood, has a non-toxic finish, converts to a toddler bed, and is less than $200 which is hard to find.
  6. The Rug – I bought this Urban Outfitters rug from a coworker for $20 and I think it’ll work perfectly in the nursery. Did I mention it’s 5×7? I totally got it for a steal.
  7. The Chair – This was a hand-me-down from Steve’s grandmother and I’m in LOVE with it. My dad will fight me for it every time he’s in town. It rocks, it swivels, and sometimes it will even rub your feet.
  8. The Dresser – This picture is just a representative of the one that Steve’s parents gave us from up in their attic. Steve’s grandfather made it years and years ago (he’s since passed away). It’s very special to us that we could re-purpose it as a changing table, and then later, use it as a dresser. Keepin’ it in the family.
  9. The Plant – Hands down one of my favorite nursery items. I already showed this to you but I can’t wait to get it hung! It’s gotten even fuller and more gorgeous.
  10. The Mirror – I scored a mirror that looks almost identical to the one pictured for $30 at an antique shop. It’s delicate and bold all at the same time. I love it.

I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, but this is the general idea of the room. The only items we still need to buy are the crib, the mobile, and that print. We have plans for a wall of books, and I have a few other decorative ideas that may or may not get fleshed out… we’ll see how much I can cram into this room without it looking like the design portion of my brain threw up all over the place.

Now don’t go and arrest me if I don’t follow this mood board to a tee; It will be interesting to see where I end up. We have an ultrasound next week and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that our baby will be flashing us his/her private parts so we can find out the gender! You know we’ll keep you posted 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Mood Board of All Mood Boards

  1. Oh I love your ideas! I especially love that print on your number 2! I’m excited for you! My husband and I are going to shoot for next year to start a family but looking at all this baby stuff makes me want to start planning out a nursery NOW! I can’t wait to find out what you’re having! =]

  2. I love this mood board idea for room planning. I’m on a budget and feel lost when I’m trying to decorate (I’m still working on the nursery) – but having a general idea of how you want the room to look seems like it would be really helpful … especially for folks on budgets. Thanks for the cool post.

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